10 Amazing Google Tools That You Haven’t Heard Of

For a long time now, Google has been at the forefront of nearly everything we do online. Most of us use the Google Chrome browser, Google Maps, and even Google Translate. If I didn’t pay for my Spectrum Internet packages myself, I’d swear Google would be my service provider. 

Google has made life very convenient for us. Giving us tools like Google Books, which is a terrific resource for teachers and students alike. Some Google tools are crucial for online marketers. Tools like Google Analytics makes it possible for marketers to measure the success of their strategies. 

What Are Google Tools?

Google has a lot of products. But what does it mean when we say Google Tools? In general, the Google apps that we can use are referred to as Tools. They include all apps that Google has developed for consumers and businesses. 

Like Google Docs is a tool, so is Gmail, Maps and nearly all other software products from the company. Some of which come as extensions or add-ons to the Chrome browser. Some are aimed at general public use. And others are created for specific use by businesses, marketers, and analysists.

Are Google Tools Free?

The majority of Google Tools are indeed free. Some might need to you buy a subscription before you can use all the features. And some, while free, might require in-app purchasing. It basically depends on the tool that you are using and how many of the features you utilize.

Google has specific tools for professionals like developers and marketers. These can help improve SEO ranking and boost your brand awareness. These free tools can also help manage brand reputation and track the progress. 

10 Essential Google Tools You Might Not Know About

Of course, you know of Google products like the Chrome browser and Gmail. We use these and more on a daily basis. But the Google product range is extremely diverse. There are bound to be some tools that you don’t know about. 

  1. Google Drive
  2. Google Gadgets
  3. Google Voice
  4. Google Webmaster Tools
  5. Google Trends
  6. Google Reader
  7. Google Places
  8. Google Insights
  9. Google DoubleClick Ad Planner
  10. Google Blog Search

#1. Google Drive

Cloud services are on the rise. And Google offers one of the best services available today. With Google Drive, you can share your files online with ease. Instead of taking the time to upload your vacation pictures on social media. Using Google Drive, you can instantly share your favorite pictures directly from your phone. 

It syncs with the picture album on your phone and gives you 5GB free storage. 

#2. Google Gadgets

You can use Google Gadgets to get more from your website. These are HTML and Javascript applications that you can easily embed on your webpages. You can select from categories like lifestyle, games, news, communication, and more. They are designed to interact with the Google Desktop application as well as the iGoogle personalized homepage. 

#3. Google Voice

Google Voice allows you to create a new contact number for people to get in touch. Not only can you receive voice calls, but also text messages. You can integrate this number on your website. And use an interface similar to your Gmail account. This is a great way to maintain high online security. 

Instead of sharing your real contact number online, you can give out a separate online number. 

#4. Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster Tools is an important suite for any web developer. You can migrate a website integrated with Google Analytics. This versatile site allows you to keep track of your website configuration as well as optimization. In addition, developers are also able to perform health checks for the site. 

#5. Google Trends

As a marketer, it is crucial to know what is trending on Google right now. Google Trend allows you a variety of insights that can help with your strategies. You can find out which searches are currently most popular on Google. Which keywords and trending. And most importantly, you can find out about the traffic trends for websites. 

#6. Google Reader

In the internet age, information is key. But who has the time to read all this information? That is when RSS feeds come in. They make it possible for us to keep our information intake short and sweet. But what do you do when you have too many RSS feeds clogging up your screens? 

Well. You organize them of course. The Google Reader is designed to help organize your RSS feeds so that you can stay well-informed. And unclutter your screens.  

#7. Google Places 

Google Places is a great way to boost your online search success. By listing your business with Google Places you can do wonders for your SEO. Getting your listing to the first page of Google results has never been easier. And the more reviews your listing has, the higher ranking you can enjoy. So encourage your customers to review your business on Google Places.  

#8. Google Insights

Google Insights has made life for a marketer much easier. The purpose-built tool can let you find the trend of a keyword over time. This way you can assess if a keyword is gaining or decreasing in popularity. Find out search trends by region and so much more.  

#9. Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

Google DoubleClick Ad Planner helps you strategize your SEO. It can give you insights into website traffic as well as demographics. Find out everything you need to know about the average visitor for any website.  

#10. Google Blog Search

Did you know that you can stay updated on your favorite blogs through easy-to-read RSS feeds? The Google Blog Search lets you keep track of the latest links to your website on blogs. This unique feature warrants a mention on this list.  


Google Tools can help you do everything from analyzing web traffic to trends and even sharing your multimedia. Though there are other tools that you can use, few do it better than Google. If you ask me, the only thing Google Tools can’t do is connect you with the internet. I wish that was possible though as I hate it when I have to call my Spectrum phone number for any tech support. Call me lazy or anti social! Other than that there is likely a Google Tool you can find.


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