11 Best Marketing Strategies To Develop Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best platform to enhance your marketing strategy.  It is the second-largest platform in social media marketing. It has more than a billion active users on YouTube. One-third of the internet people spend their time watching videos. 

It can be accessed in  76 different languages, research says 95% of the world’s population using YouTube. Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded per minute.

It can help enhance your SEO and brand presence. YouTube offers marketers to present unique content that’s easy to identify by the users to consume and share.

  • YouTube Channel for Business

Before uploading the video content, create a YouTube Brand Account.

Go to your YouTube channels page. If you have never created a YouTube channel previously, you will only see your account. If you already have an existing brand channel, you will see it as well. To make a new brand channel, select create a new channel.

You should learn before uploading the videos on your channel. And Add your brand icon on the top right of the screen and choose Your channel. The recommended image size is 800 x 800. It has many options to explain your brand strategies. 

2. Learn About Audience

Your YouTube channel which contains a lot of stats to enhance your channel. See here for quantitative experiences on your channel and your audience’s behavior, counting your views, checks, frequently observing time, incomes produced, and interaction rate over videos. YouTube Analytics contains valuable information on your subscriber information.

This information will help you move past suspicions and feel confident that you’re coming to the proper gathering of people.

Tracking your audience analytics is a win to win. If your thoughts about your subscribers are confirmed, you are reaching the perfect audience.

If your thoughts were incorrect, you should know to modify your content and reach the viewers what you want. YouTube analytics is valuable info for your entire marketing team.

3.Competitor Research

Competitive analysis is fundamental if you need to drag ahead of other businesses in your niche on YouTube. Luckily, a part of the data you wish to recognize potential openings is promptly accessible on their channels. 

Find your competitors and their channels and create a note of their videos that got the least and most views. Observe these videos to get a sense of what sorts of substance your audience likes to observe and use to advise your claim substance strategy. 

As along with your own videos, roll up your sleeves, and peruse the comments on competing recordings. Perhaps your possess brand has received a mention; if so, make sure to reply so potential clients can see your active locks in together with your community.

4. Optimize Your Videos

The ultimate goal is to get likes for your YouTube videos as well as comments & subscribers. You should optimize your content as per the audience’s interest. If you need to get the most value of your content, use keywords in your content.

Keyword research is an important one to boost your SEO section. High effective keywords are the best improvement to bring your content on your YouTube pages.

Include the keywords in the title that are relevant to the video topic. If you can try to add the exact keywords into your standard search terms, it helps to get you more clicks.

YouTube video titles contain less than 70 characters, but we recommend that less than 60 characters help cut off on the search pages.

5.YouTube Description and Thumbnails

Your video description should contain a short explanation of your related video topic. As well as add your video link into your website and social media accounts. 

Here is a tip of the essential points:

  • 5000 characters maximum
  • Add keywords and use them in the title and description
  • Create a different playlist on your channel
  • Add hashtags in your video

Thumbnail: It is the most important one of your videos. It should be related to your videos, and also you can customize the thumbnails. However, we recommended creating your own custom thumbnail, and it will help your content stand out.

Here is a tip of the essential points:

  • YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 pixels
  • YouTube thumbnail dimensions are 16:9
  • Thumbnail images should be under 2MB.
  • Image formats are JPG, GIF, or PNG.

6. Upload and schedule your videos

Making good content is the best marketing strategy. Another strategy is posting your content at the perfect time. 

As a platform, YouTube is almost as famous as television. And they have your subscribers who will treat your YouTube channel like a TV station!

Make a schedule for your subscribers posting videos in the afternoon at the weekend and evening on weekdays. Be professional and make sure to post the content on a regular schedule. 

Make sure you have got many episodes of content ready to schedule ahead of time. In case the plan was failed, you will follow a Plan B, if your video creation schedule is interrupted, making more episodes before generally means your videos will be more consistent with the quality.

7. Try working with an influencer

One of the leading ways to showcase your items on YouTube is by working with an influencer. According to Google, 60 percent of YouTube subscribers believe the belief of their favorite influencers. 

 Reach out to influencers who know and believe your brand. Most YouTube fans are sharp sufficient to recognize a paid association. Still, if the influencer is legitimate and forthright around their adore of the brand, the “sponsored” viewpoint won’t matter. 

When it comes to these associations, let the influencer do the talking. The more control you attempt to apply over the association, the more you will affect the influencer’s brand. 

8. Be consistent

The main characteristic that the first effective YouTube channels make is consistency. The foremost self-evident way being how regularly videos are posted, with enormous brands regularly posting each couple of days or indeed each day.

However, consistency is not fundamentally cruel having a profoundly populated channel. Brands can make consistency in terms of arranging, meaning that they post the same fashion of substance. Moreover, these could come through highlighting the same individuals or coming back to a repeating topic or theme. The overarching advantage is that watchers get to know what to expect from a channel, with recognition making a difference to construct devotion over time. 

To realize consistency, brands must construct a substance arrangement or procedure, mapping out when and what videos will be made and posted.

9. Encourage action

Brands to the audience need to leave comments for your videos, but there are also a ton of ways to enhance the brands that help make an audience and promote your content loyalty. YouTube cards are a simple tool that is preprogrammed notifications that help to notify in videos when posted.

End screens are also a valuable tool. It allows the brands or businesses to enhance four elements: That is at the end of a video, another video, playlists, and external website. Lets the audience know that they will take new action, which can help to keep them rather than clicking away elsewhere.

10. Adding Voice Search on YouTube Videos

Improve your YouTube voice search in the title for YouTube. Audiences use YouTube voice search to quickly find videos instead of typing fingers to type out the video titles. The voice search is a more relaxed, hassle-free way to get YouTube video results rapidly, and you need to make sure your videos display before your audience.

Most significantly enhancing your YouTube video title to build it SEO friendly. Think yourself adding a YouTube voice search for your videos.

The language will be less formal and more conversational.YouTube title that includes high effective keywords is short and straightforward and has a conversational tone. 

11. YouTube Ads 

YouTube advertisement content will continue to be an integral part of a YouTube marketing strategy. A sharp way to create your videos display before your audience is via the advertising option.

YouTube Ads have different six types: That is,

  •  skippable TrueView in-stream Ad, 
  • 6-second bumper Ad, 
  • sponsored card Ad, 
  • overlay Ad, 
  • display Ad, and 
  • Trueview Discovery Ads 

It appears on the homepage, alongside search results and next to related videos.

Yet you don’t have to use the YouTube Ads, go and use the ads and get the results much better.


YouTube marketing strategies are essential things nowadays, why because everyone is going to prompt their products in different ways. Perhaps, creating video content can be a time also consuming and lengthy process. No matter your audience, consumers of all stripes are selecting videos over other content types, so it’s more critical than ever to ensure your YouTube marketing strategy is growing up. 

About the Author:

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy.

She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet

Marketing for two years.


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