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Life isn’t easy for women entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they have to face a lot more pressure and problems at their workplaces, as compared to their male counterparts. Issues like bullying, gender discrimination, and low wages are very common, even in the most developed parts of the country. 

Being a woman I constantly face discrimination even while going out for small tasks like finding a parking space so I could pay bills for my Windstream packages. My friends keep telling me to pay online. What can I say, I’m old school in some instances. So imagine all the horror a woman has to go through if she is running her own business!

But, despite all the obstacles, the number of women entrepreneurs is growing every day. To celebrate their success, and help you out if you are looking for ideas, here’s a list of cities that are more women friendly than others.   

New York City

This city has the highest number of women entrepreneurs, beating all the other U.S cities with a big margin. According to recent Census data, about 413,899 females are running their businesses here. Being the biggest city, New York City has flourishing fashion, media, finance, and tourism industries. Not only this, female entrepreneurs are offered resources to cater to their business needs.  

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the second-largest number of women entrepreneurs, with 192,358 registered businesswomen. This city is the hub for the entertainment industry. Artists and fans flock to this city to have their share of the city’s glamour. With booming industries of hospitality, transportation, and food, there is a lot to get profited from, and women entrepreneurs are making sure they get their fair share.  


Third on the highest number of women entrepreneurs’ list is Chicago with 123, 632 registered female entrepreneurs. It has a reasonable tourism incoming, which affects other similar industries like shopping and food too. Also, the city’s numerous business success stories can be attributed to the fact that it is home to many educational institutions, resulting in the recent growth in women-owned tech and engineering firms.  


Houston makes it to number four, housing about 102,813 women entrepreneurs. Houston offers several programs and incentives for its residents and is offering facilities like established industrial districts and enterprise zones, which is most likely going to make many entrepreneurs move here. Also, the medical community is quite stable here. Women entrepreneurs from various fields like finance, tech, and law are relocating here due to the favorable living conditions. 


Population-wise, this city ranks at number nine, but it facilitates around 52,798 women entrepreneurs and ranks six on this list of most women entrepreneurs. The tax conditions and structure are a bit more relaxed here than the other states, attracting a lot of business owners to take advantage of the amazing infrastructure, low living costs, and available manpower. Media, IT, food, and construction are target earning industries.  

San Diego

Sixth on the list is San Diego, with a women entrepreneur population of 47,942. This city attracts business owners in the fields of cybersecurity, manufacturing, advocacy, research, aerospace, maritime, and many other similar programs based on technology. The living conditions are also quite affordable.  

San Antonio

Seventh on the list is San Antonio, and it boasts around 44,295 women entrepreneurs. San Antonio has several property tax programs that aim to facilitate local and small businesses, promoting them to foreign trade zones. This brings a lot of business owners to the city. Women business owners excel in the fields of restaurant management, communication, and lucrative retail, etc.   


Barely lagging behind San Antonio, this city has a total of 44,294 women entrepreneurs. Several industries are growing here including bioscience, advanced business services, technology, and manufacturing, to name a few. The city is also a hub for many educational activities and boasts some high profile institutions too. Scholarships are being offered to women who want to exercise their educational skills in a career.  


Population-wise, it is the fifth largest city in the U.S and has about 40,906 women entrepreneurs. Offered features like corporate support initiatives, skilled manpower, and centralized location make it a favorite ideal for starting a business. There is a lot of scope for growth in the niches of technology, construction, and healthcare, etc.  

San Francisco

This city boasts 40,135 women entrepreneurs. It is home to an innovative and diversified business environment. With its numerous health centers and universities, San Francisco is an alluring choice for technology business owners. It is also an ideal city to flourish your creative talents. Many successful women entrepreneurs are in the fields of dermatology, printing, technology, mental health, etc.  


The city has 39, 762 women entrepreneurs. It attracts a large number of women entrepreneurs every year by offering attractive business incentives and empowerment zones. Miami is famous for its flourishing tourism industry and hospitality culture. Once I was lost there while looking for a U Verse customer care center to get my package renewed. Locals were very helpful with giving me directions. 


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