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As attractive as globetrotting sounds, it is not that easy to hop from one country to another. Or one city to another, in that regard. Because the main ingredient required is MONEY. And not all of us have enough spare money to spend on luxuries like traveling. However, you can always cut down your monthly expenses to save some money for your trips. This does not imply that you have to stop spending on the necessities of your life. This simply means finding cheaper alternatives wherever and whenever you can. But the quality should not suffer. For example, you can opt for Spectrum customer service as your choice for the communication service provider. This will help you save money as the packages come at affordable rates. Another example is buying from sales rather than at full prices. The options are unlimited. And today’s blog will discuss all the many ways by which you can cut your expense to have money for travel.

Cut Back on Starbucks!

Do you even realize the amount of money you spend on that Starbucks coffee? Well, if you did not pay attention to this detail earlier, it’s high time that you do. Because that expenditure leaves you with almost no spare bucks to save for traveling. On average, a person consumes 2-3 cups of coffee. Now if you care to do the math that makes it $10-$15 a day. Which makes it $1,800 a year. Astonished much? Well, you should be. So, it is about time that you deal with your rich people problems and shift to a cup of tea. Or else start brewing your own cup of coffee. It may sound harsh now. But it won’t when you end up vacationing with your friends in Thailand with all the money that you did not waste on Starbucks coffee.

What’s Cooking Good Looking?

If there’s any skill that you should acquire to save money, that’s cooking. Because if you do not, the eateries will benefit from all the money that you should be benefitting from. The need for this skill is increasing with every passing day because the restaurants are becoming expensive. Cook for yourself. That will save you money.

Ditch the Credit Card

Do not opt for something that is out of your budget, to begin with. You should know your budget limits and spend accordingly. And please, throw your credit card away if you can. You do not want your fate to be similar to that of the girl in ‘Confessions of a shopaholic.’ Because, let’s be honest, once you have the credit card, you find it almost impossible to NOT use it. It is an addiction that knows no boundaries. You end up spending way more than you should. And you only realize it at the end of the month. Therefore, ditch that credit card. And try to pay in cash.

Call Me Maybe?

Well, you can’t do without connecting to your friends via calls. While it is not necessary for you to limit the number of calls you make every day, you can always reconsider your phone plan. You are a better judge of your needs when it comes to the data limit and the minutes that you need for calling. Therefore, if you do not need more data, do not pay extra for something you do not need. Opt for a package that offers just the right amount of data that will fulfill your need.

Unbranded Groceries

Fussing over brands in everything won’t do you any good. Especially not when it comes to spending money on branded groceries. Therefore, instead of buying big brand products, go for unbranded food items. You will be surprised to learn that in many cases there is not much difference in a branded food item and its unbranded counterpart. The only difference lies in the packaging. Hence, play smart and opt for unbranded items whenever you can.

Cod Cutting

When was the last time that you sat in front of the TV to watch a show? Can’t remember? Well, you are not alone. It is not that common to watch shows or movies on TV these days. Thanks to Netflix and the like. And this gives you yet another option to save money from. Cut the cable. When you are paying for the Internet service, why would you spend extra bucks for a service you hardly use?

Let Go the Car

It is very expensive to keep a car. From insurance to repairs to loan payments, you have to append a lot of bucks on it. A better alternative is to make use of public transport. Or invest in a bicycle (that might not be practical, though). In case, you think that you cannot do without your own car, sell your expensive big car and buy a new cheaper one. It won’t cost you much to maintain it as well.


A single person does not want a whole apartment to himself. Share. Find yourself a roommate. And share the expenses equally. It will not only save you the money but you will also get a company for yourself.

Piggy Bank

All of you would remember the time you would put money in your piggy banks to save. Well, piggy banks might not come in handy now. But here’s what you can do to save money. Open a savings account. If you open a high-yield online savings account, you can earn extra on what you deposit in the account. You earn that profit. But first, do your research and look for a bank that offers profit at a good interest rate.

Replace Them Light Bulbs

Electricity costs you more than you can imagine. And if you want to cut down the electricity bills, replace the light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs. A good option is to go for fluorescent bulbs. Save energy and save yourself money.

Skip the Movies

You will have to let go off some of your habits if you want to save for a luxurious trip. And that includes skipping movies. The tickets cost a lot. And once you go to watch a movie, it’s not just the ticket that you pay for. You end up spending just as much on the drinks and popcorn as well. That’s a bit too much. Therefore, ditch movie plans whenever you can.

Cancel the Gym Membership

You do not need it, honestly. What benefit are you gaining from the Internet if you are not subscribing to trainers’ channels on YouTube? Now you can watch all the routines online and practice them at home. Turn your home into a gym. And avoid paying hefty gym membership costs.

You already pay for your Internet services like spectrum tv select. So, bring them to complete use and surf the web for different workout routines. And lastly, do not shy away from letting your friends know that you are saving. There is no harm in saving and you should tell that to your peers. In that way, they won’t always ask you to join them for expensive dinners or pricey lunches.

Happy saving!



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