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Content management systems (CMS) have made it easy to build a website. Platforms like WordPress have enabled even technically deficient people to easily assemble an interface. All these tools contain the necessary elements required for making an interface. In most CMS, people have to only pick and choose the desired components. They customize the selected elements to impart a unique look to their project. However, not every platform is easy to understand for all kinds of users.

A large number of people want to convert Drupal to WordPress because of the steep learning curve of the framework. Drupal, like WordPress, is an open source website builder but its extreme in-depth features can be difficult to understand for many people. In this article, we are discussing two ways in which you can switch a Drupal website to WordPress.

Why Do You Need To Switch From Drupal To WordPress?

Before we discuss how an interface can be shifted from Drupal to the most popular open-source CMS, it will be pertinent to know why the switch can be beneficial. Let’s take a look at the reasons why WordPress is a better platform.

1. Easy Website Management

Managing a Drupal website can be a tough task as compared to handling an interface built with WordPress. The latter is an easily accessible platform with an intuitive admin dashboard. It gives total control to a user over every aspect of website management. Handling an interface without effective coding skills can be difficult for Drupal users.

2. Access To Numerous Plugins

Extending the functionality of an interface is another aspect where WordPress scores over its rival. While people using the former can easily add a feature through plugins, users of the latter CMS have to depend upon modules. A WordPress user can expect to find a vast number of paid and free plugins which is impossible for a Drupal owner.

3. Opportunity To Get A More Attractive Website

Drupal is not another ideal platform for acquiring an interface with immense visual appeal. The limited number of modules restrict the combinations that can be devised for designing a website. On the other hand, the most popular web building tool gives access to a wide range of attractive free and premium readymade themes.

4. Access An SEO-friendly Platform

One of the biggest reasons to convert Drupal to WordPress is the SEO-friendly nature of the latter platform. There are numerous SEO-centric plugins which help optimize both on-page and off-page elements of a website. Users can also integrate services like Google Analytics with their interfaces to monitor and measure their performance. This kind of insight helps in improving the online visibility of an interface.

Ways To Switch From Drupal To WordPress

It is now time to learn how to migrate Drupal to WordPress. There are two ways in which this task can be completed. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Using A Plugin

You can easily conduct the transformation by using a plugin. The manual method of conversion can be difficult for people without coding skills. Carrying out the migration with a plugin will make the process convenient and easy. There are various tools which can be used for this purpose and in this article, we suggest using the FG Drupal to WordPress plugin. In order to complete the switch, you will need some vital information namely, database and hostname, username, password, port, and Drupal Table Prefix. All this data can be gathered by using an FTP client for connecting to your website server and accessing the settings.php file.

Now install and activate the plugin on your WordPress installation. Go to Tools and then hit the Import button against the Drupal option. You will be asked to enter the information which you collected just now. Once all the data has been entered correctly, the importer will initiate the migration process. Select all the content that you want to import and the tool will start migrating the content.

2. Through Third-party Professional Services

Even the plugin-based approach can be a little difficult for some people. Such users can hire third-party professional services like CMSTOWP for the job. They need to provide the old website’s information to the service and pay the requisite fees. The agency will ensure that the new interface contains the same link structure, posts, design, etc.


These are the two simple ways for transferring a Drupal interface to the other open-source CMS. You can also hire specialist WordPress theme developers to design a unique layout after the migration.


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