2018: The year of Instagram

Within the 2018 digital spectrum, it could be defined as the year of Instagram’s explosion. Its growth has been really significant. It is already the third social network present in the user’s mind if he is asked spontaneously “what social networks do you know”, above Linked In, Whatsapp or Youtube (Source: IAB, “Annual Social Networks Study 2018”). A platform with more and more users and with it, with more and more advertising possibilities.

Facebook and WhatsApp are still the most used and visited social networks, but the trend is changing at a dizzying pace. In fact, the decrease in the use of Facebook during the past year is 91%, while Instagram has experienced an increase of 45%. The simplicity in its use and the predominance of the image over any other format makes Instagram an increasingly used platform. It is not possible to share links, texts or any other content; only image or video creative, which makes it more dynamic and lighter when used.

Its main distinction is precisely that, the ease of use. The text has a minimal presence, it is not necessary to stop to read long sentences, something that is consistent with the typical behavior of the Internet user, who leaves a page if he has to stop reading more than 10 seconds.

The incorporation of “Instagram Stories” has brought a character of immediacy and spontaneity, a scenario previously occupied by Snapchat and Twitter. Precisely this has been one of the main factors of success during the last year. The power to hang a content that disappears after 24 hours causes greater interaction on the part of the user and a greater need to be always connected so as not to miss anything.

Instagram is already the social network preferred by Generation Z, that group of users between 16 and 23 years old. And the third preferred by the “Millennial”, after WhatsApp and Facebook. As far as business objectives are concerned, it stands as an increasingly important purchasing channel. 57% of users declare consulting social networks to find information about products they plan to buy; within this 57%, 21% declare to use Instagram before any other social network, experiencing a growth of 13%with respect to last year. A fact that emphasizes the importance of having an updated profile and that serves as a value to potential clients. It can be the definitive driver when purchasing a product or service.

If something fits in the monetization of social networks is the emergence of influencers. The connection of brands with profiles followed by thousands of users is one of the most effective marketing strategies. The creation of content demanded by the user thanks to the expansion of the use of the internet has been democratized. Television channels, magazines or newspapers are no longer the only creators of content, but any profile on social networks can create it and reach the whole world. The trend is changing, with these influencers having a higher interaction rate than traditional media in younger audiences. Instagram is one of your favorite channels, specifically the second one after Facebook. 72% of users follow influencers in social networks, especially women and the youngest.

If we think about what devices Instagram is consumed, we should think exclusively about mobile. It is a platform designed for this device. The idea is to take a picture, a snapshot, and immediately hang it. There is a PC version, but it lacks a large number of features enabled only for the mobile version.

The ad formats have experienced a diversification and improvement over time. In the last year it is possible not only to show ads in the newsfeed, but also to hang them between storie and storie of the other profiles. Since it was purchased by Facebook in 2012 the advertising possibilities were incorporated and improved. Currently, the ad management in this channel is similar to the one that can be used in Facebook, thus counting with an endless number of different audiences deeply segmented.

The importance of Instagram in a digital marketing strategy is unquestionable. For the retail sector it could be said that it is essential. Choosing appropriate formats and audiences is a guarantee of success.

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