5 Features of LinkedIn to Improve your Small-Business

LinkedIn is one of the most trending social platform in 2020. You can find desired business contacts using this network. Recommendations from your recruiters will help you find the right jobs. Since this is a business platform, it helps employer and employees to be connected. 

Just like cloud services, social services also need a good platform. You can share your files from OneDrive, Google Drive and many other cloud drives. LinkedIn is very easy to share documents and images. 

Groups and Pages are feature rich with different posts. You can share an article about any interested topic with clean interface. Images, files and gifs can be easily posted by adding them from your storage. Once you activate the premium feature, you can see more features and mail important business people directly. 

You can always use the free version. The “premium” version comes at a price. 

7 Features of LinkedIn

  1. Home
  2. My Network
  3. Jobs
  4. Messaging
  5. Notifications
  6. Me
  7. Work

These are the main tabs of this business social platform. Each tab has its own functionality. 


Lot of things are listed here. On the desktop, the page is divided into 3 columns. 

Profile is listed on the left-hand side. You recent activities are listed below it. The list of groups you are following can also be seen here. You can start a post or write an article from the same page. You can post images, video or share files from different cloud services like DrobBox, OneDrive and GoogleDrive. 

Below that, you can see different posts from people you are following. For each post you can do the following. 

  1. Save for later viewing.
  2. Send in a private message
  3. Copy link to post
  4. Embed the post
  5. Hide the post
  6. Unfollow that connection or contact
  7. Report that post
  8. Improve the feed
  9. Privacy setting – who can see the post. 

On the far right, you can see today’s news and views. Below that you can a list of recommendations to follow. 

My Network

MyNetwork is one tab of web app. The mobile app also changed colors, after Microsoft took it over. There are lot of things, you can do using “My Network”.

The following things can be managed from your network. These include –

  1. Connections
  2. Contacts
  3. People I Follow
  4. Groups
  5. Pages
  6. Hashtags

On the right hand side, you can see invitations to your connection. You can chose to accept each invitation or ignore it.  Below that you can see more recommendations.

As of March 2020, you can see them in different categories. These include industry leaders, people with similar roles, people related to your network etc. You can also find interesting groups. Send a request to any of these groups. If you are accepted, you get posts from these groups in your status window. 

You can also post an image, video or article, in the groups you joined. 

Similar to groups there are pages also. You can follow each page. Then there are hash tags. You can also follow them. You also receive more suggestions of connections as you scroll through. 

How to Remove Someone from your LinkedIn Network

When you click on “Connections”, all your contacts who are connected with you are listed here. If you want to remove any connection, you can do it so easily.

  1. For each connection, there are three horizontal dots.
  2. Click it
  3. Then click on “Remove Connection”.


You can search for different jobs in your location using LinkedIn basic account. Based on your profile, you get different job recommendations. If this feature does not work in your current browser, you can try a different browser.

Track your jobs and edit your career interests. If you are a talent resource company, then you can post the required job also. You can save your job recommendations. Easy apply for the recommended job using your LinkedIn profile. Then upload the resume in required format. Follow the recommended company by check marking it. You can get updates and notifications. Then, submit the application. 

Then there is the search functionality of jobs. You can enter the desired position and location. Then click the Search button. 


This works as a typical messenger of many social platforms. Just like your FB messenger, you can see the messages from your connections and contacts. You reply to the message. Attach an image, file in the return message. You can also open the gif and emoji keyboards. 

You can add hashtags in your LinkedIn posts. You can enjoy the trending stories. Once you find the right keywords for your content, you can place those words in your post. 


This is one area where you can see different messages from your followers, contacts and connections. If anybody from your connection shares a post, then you get a notification about it. If anybody’s story is trending that will also be mentioned in the notifications. Any recommended posts by the admin of any group can also be seen here. 


LinkedIn is one of the favorite social platforms for working people. 

In all, this platform is for people who are actively engaged in their profession. This is unlike Facebook and TikTok, where the primary importance is social networking of friends. Since Microsoft took it over, LinkedIn is being rigorously innovated with addition of new features. 

Let me know your views about this platform in the comments below.


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