Mobile App Marketing Strategies

From materializing an app idea into a working prototype and going back and forth during the entire mobile app development process and finally finishing the complete product ready to launch – this whole journey is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. 

However, in this day and age, where the mobile app market has become over-saturated with countless competitors going for the same targeted market, you need a solid marketing strategy to build brand awareness before launch. Otherwise, all that effort is as good as a piece of well-built furniture with no house to place it in – it becomes useless.

Similarly, it is crucial to create a solid ground of potential consumer-base before launching an app, so the market is aware of what is to come. 

So how can you build the hype for your app before launch? With the right pre-launch marketing strategies. Here are a few that can work best for you. 

1) Ample Research into Targeted Audience and Marketplace  

Anything that isn’t researched before is like taking blind shots that rarely land on the target. Likewise, considerable research must be carried out before devising any marketing strategy for your app. 

Understand your competitors, users, and the concerned marketplace. By analyzing the usage patterns of the users and competitors’ products, you get the idea of what value you are bringing and for what kind of users – since every type of audience has different needs and requirements. 

Once you are aware of these key metrics, you can then curate pre-launch activities around them and devise ways to gain users. Also, by learning your competitor’s product, you can determine your points of weakness and strength. There is much to research before marketing your app before its launch. 

Once you have the research data and understanding of it, continue to other strategies. 

2) Make a Website for Your App 

Creating a website isn’t for the sole purpose of creating brand awareness and web presence only. There is much to gain with a site that speaks about your upcoming app with HD screenshots and high-quality content. 

  • Have a blog section that adds value to the visitors but is relevant to the niche your mobile app caters, helps develop a reader-base. This blogging strategy will help drive traffic to your website, and with the best SEO practices in place, it will improve your search engine ranking. 
  • A website with a sign-up page will help you gather emails of visitors that can be potential customers of your mobile app. With the email list, you can then target them through email marketing. 
  • Have separate landing pages for each marketing campaign. So you have an organized website where you can use every page to maximize traffic and target particular users separately without showing them with the material they might not be interested in. Let’s say some might be interested in a live-demo, while others would rather just read about your app. 

This brings us to another important aspect that needs to be explained in detail.

3) Have a Dedicated Blog Section of Your Website 

As discussed above, make sure your blog entries represent your mobile app’s niche and increase the knowledge of the reader. The blog will help you develop a fan base and attract users – you can say this is you nurturing potential leads. If they are reading about the blog entries, then they are more likely to take an interest in an app that is similar to the subjects discussed in the blog. 

In a nutshell, write what readers want to read. How would you know that? With keyword research. In addition to all this, SEO plays a key role in helping your blog with ranking and visibility. So make sure your written content and website copy, everything is Search Engine Optimized. 

4) Utilize Social Media to Its Fullest 

Social media has become the main tool for marketers today. After all, these micro-blogging sites are where most of the users reside. According to Statista, social media users are projected to grow to 3.1 billion in the year 2021. So you can imagine the gold mine social media has become for every brand. 

These apps are free of cost and give you access to billions of users. So choose the platform your potential targeted users are found and then post engaging content compelling them to interact with you. 

How to achieve all this? In 5 easy steps. 

  • Use relevant hashtags for maximum visibility
  • Do not abandon your profiles and post regularly to increase user engagement
  • Post short videos of your mobile app’s sneak peek, screenshots, your blog links, relevant GIFS and anything that exudes creativity
  • Improve engagement through running contests, giveaways, and polls, etc
  • Create branded hashtags
  • Have two-way communication to spark user interest

5) Conduct Beta Testing 

Beta testing is shooting two birds with one stone. How? Well, you need beta testers to gain user insight on where your app needs improvement while you are gaining testers that will not only give essential feedback on your app’s performance but will go on to become great advocates of it too. 

An average software development company Houston never misses out on the beta testing strategy to make sure they and the client they are serving are on the path to a successful product.  

Hence, do not miss out on this strategy that is not just the part of testing, but also, in turn, markets your app

Main Takeaway 

Considering how crowded app stores are, the competition is stiff, and so are the chances of being chosen out of the already available similar options. This is why it has become more important than the app launch itself, that it is properly marketed before the big reveal among keeping other necessary things in-check- that include establishing a dedicated website, starting a blog, keeping best SEO practices in knowledge, implementing them, so on, and so forth. 

In fact, app promotion should start at its earliest, right from the development stage. This gives you the opportunity to not just create a hype for your app in the process but also take the increasing fan base on a journey with you that often times includes developers too.


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