5 Reasons Why Android Gives A Kick Start To Your Business App

When people go busier, they need faster communication and interaction modes. No worry, smartphones we have! These are here to make our life simpler and help us come out as more productive. Now we stay connected with our work, colleagues, and family members & friends 24X7.   And we all know which sort of smartphones are popular than others. Of course, they are Android smartphones – available in all budgets, with all smart mobility features, to handle almost everything a PC can do.

In fact, Android runs in more than 85 percent of all smartphones across the world. This attracts businesses who have either not got an app developed or have kept the Android excluded from their mobile app strategy so far. But, now they are learning how an app–resulted out of the Android app development process–can aid their customers to easily buy groceries, to book seats in a theater, to get picked by a cap, and so on.

So Android is popular these days for both users and app developers. Users like Android because it lets them take the advantage of smartphone technology in their budget. People can buy a phone in any moderate budget they have. In many Asian countries, people can buy smartphones for as low as $100.

Developers now love Android as an app development platform because of its wide reach. A big portion of smartphone users uses Android powered phones and tabs. The more a platform has the number of users, the more developers have opportunities to get downloads to their apps and ultimately, generate more revenue.

Android bears certain attributes with it because of which everyone–be they are users, developers or businesses, has fallen in love with it.

Android app development technology is free

The technology required for Android app development is available for free. As it’s an open source platform, developers need not to pay any fee or subscription to use tools, technologies and various resources required in building Android apps. This is Android’s one of the biggest advantages for business to build an app in minimum budget possible.

Wide reach

When we say 85% of all smartphones in the world are running on Android then it means that this percent is made of billions. As of estimation, more than 11 billion apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2016. So, it’s quite evident that Android has a wide reach and, the same is passed on to any app created for it. This is another big advantage for any business planning to reach a large base of mobile audience.

Well acclaimed

Irrespective of where does you come from, Android is acclaimed globally for being a leading mobile OS powering smart phone mobility. It offers an easiest way to those businesses, which need global connectivity and reach in low investment.

Impeccable feature list

Android, being open source, offers a full list of features, which can be customized by developers to add specific functionality to an application. Android app customization allows developers adding intuitive character, impressive design, and flawless performance to their applications.

Wrapping up

So Android offers everything that businesses needs in modern era of technology. It lets them keep expenditure low while provides global coverage. The technologies of Android app development are available for free while there is no compromised in terms of quality.


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