5 Reasons Why Your Logo Is Crucial For Your Brand

For a company, visibility and reputation are the two pillars of its development as well as its development on the market. In order for it to thrive and attract customers, it must both be visible and inspire confidence. To work on these two essential points, the company has a great tool, namely marketing. It takes different forms, but it always keeps the same objective. Among the different types of marketing to exploit to optimize the visibility and reputation of a company is the logo.

Following are a few reason that why logo is important for a brand or company:

The logo is the foundation of your visual identity

Show me your logo and I’ll tell you who you are! True showcase for companies, logos have always been a crucial component of brand identity. Indeed, it can found on each of the elements that represent your business, from business cards to letterhead through your website, your packaging, your press releases and your tax packages. It is the first link in your visual identity. It identifies your business in an instant and instantly conveys what differentiates you from your competitors.

More than an image, an essential symbol

Behind a logotype, there is not only a brand. Indeed, we will associate with this element everything related to the company including values, commitments, quality and social actions. Today, almost every company has a logo. In strategic marketing terminology, the logo is today a key success factor rather than a competitive advantage. It is a condition for existing, not for outperforming. Whatever your sector of activity, the logo will make you visible even if you think you don’t need it.

You know it that the company cannot deal with its customers 24/7. As a harmonious combination of images, symbols and fonts, your logo will ensure permanence and present itself as the concentrate and the very essence of your business. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consider some professionals logo designers or agencies with their logo design packages in London UK. Such professional can help you create a true image of your brand in your logo.

The logotype – a powerful vector for differentiation

The choice of the different components of your logo is more subtle than it seems. The founders sometimes tend to attribute to the design of the logo an exclusively fun dimension, even completely random. However, an original logo will be a major asset if you choose a strategy of differentiation rather than domination by costs. For the choice of typography, avoid banal fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and especially Comic Sans MS – they are either too formal, too “known” because of their presence on the Office suite or too handcrafted. Prefer an exclusive typography which will reinforce the uniqueness of your logo. Be careful, however, not to leave in too exotic and illegible typographies.

Logo attracts the potential customers

As we have understood, the logo is not only a graphic representation of a firm. It is also and above all the showcase of its values ​​and its commitments. However, beyond these considerations, it is aesthetics that will have the end of the story! The logo should facilitate your prospecting efforts. In order for your logo not to be a drag on your company during its communication campaigns during which it should appear in its best light, it will have to be rigorously tested with a panel of neutral people, ideally who meet the criteria of your buyer persona.

An attractive logo helps boost the attractiveness of your business. Remember that the design of the logo is an iterative process that must give pride of place to the feedback of those who will see it in preview.

Loyalty building

Again, work on your logo continuously even after establishing your business identity. Repetition and iteration are the keys to a successful logo that, in addition to seducing, will generate engagement and maximize the chances of retaining your customers.

On the other hand, care must be taken not to change the logo once it is well established. As said above, a few small updates to the taste of the day will do the trick. In marketing, familiarity and collusion play a crucial role in building customer loyalty. When your logo has established this privileged link with your customers, the next step will be to ensure that it has a special place in everything related to your business, from the packaging of your products to your premises through your communication on the web. Ultimately, a simple sketch of your logo will be enough to evoke your business!


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