5 Tips to Optimize Law Firm Website for Voice Search

The only constant about technology is that it is forever evolving. According to a survey, by 2020 almost 50% of all the searches will be conducted through a voice command. This means that attorneys have to ensure that their interfaces are optimized for text-based as well as verbal searches.

In this post, we are offering some smart suggestions to optimize law firm websites for voice search. As devices become more user-friendly, this emerging phenomenon will easily become the new normal.

People who will have adapted to the change in time will easily survive the competition. For this reason, voice search optimization must be an essential part of an best Online marketing for lawyers.

1.Select Keywords With Conversational Tone

Apart from computers and mobile phones, people are using other gadgets like smart speakers to conduct searches. Their approach while using a device that is activated by a verbal command is particularly different than when they are using a traditional text input based gadget. Instead of using only the necessary terms, they are using complete sentences to issue a command.

For instance, a text search like “DUI fine in NYC” will be replaced by an oral command like “what is the DUI fine amount for the first offense in New York City”.

Attorneys will have to choose keywords that have a conversational tone. Research your target audience to understand the kind of spoken queries they are using. This will be helpful in identifying the phrases you need to include in your strategy.

2.Optimize The FAQ Section Of Your Website

The emergence of voice-activated devices has meant that people are now asking proper questions instead of entering strings of words in a search box. In order to optimize your legal website for this new trend, you will have to modify your strategy a bit. It will be difficult to include complete queries on all the relevant pages of your website.

Moreover, people who are speaking these queries are looking for definite answers. The best way to optimize your website is by including the selected questions on your FAQ page.

You can provide answers on topics that the audience is interested in as well as about the services offered by your firm. Replying to the natural language questions posed by people will allow you to rise up in the related searches.

Make sure the answers are to the point and in easy to understand language so that search engines can comprehend them and include them in results.

3.Create Optimized Business Listings

Business listings are important digital marketing activity for lawyers. They allow them to increase their local citations and get in front of audiences that are primed for conversion. In order to leverage the full potential of listings, you need to ensure that they contain consistent information.

The basic details like the name of the firm, its physical address, and phone number are the same on all resources. This will help a search engine in associating your practice with its location. This will improve the chances of your law firm appearing prominently in related local searches.

Most people who use smart speakers or other similar gadgets are usually looking for a service in their vicinity. Creating optimized business listings allows attorneys to target such users in a better manner.

4.Reduce The Loading Time Of Your Website

Page loading speed is an important user experience factor. It is also used as a ranking signal by search engines. In case, your interface takes too long to load, then it will lose out on gaining top positions in relevant searches.

Make sure that best practices like code minification have been used during development. You must also employ resize and optimize all images before uploading them on the website. All these steps will ensure that the interface is not bloated and loads quickly in a browser.

There are online tools that can be used to assess your website’s loading speed. Use them to evaluate your interface’s performance. You can also use caching and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speedily deliver your website to visitors.

5.Focus on Creating Content With A Local Favor

According to an estimate, more than 25% of people using voice search will contact the information providing entity after discovering it in a search. This means that optimization for such searches can boost your conversion rate also.

You must offer more value through your content to potential clients. Create material with a local flavor so that it will appeal to the audiences.

For instance, a divorce attorney in Miami can post about alternative ways to dissolve a marriage in the state of Florida.

This will be helpful for the residents of the city who do not want to use litigation to separate from their spouse.


Oral commands for conducting searches will become more popular in the times to come. These valuable tips to optimize law firm websites for verbal searches will help attorneys in aligning their interfaces according to the new trend and improving their conversions.



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