5kVA Generator Monopoly

You can find 5kVA power generators in the market with different brand names such as Koel, Cooper, Kohler, Honda, Cummins, etc. Because of the powerful engine, the generator produces a high power output. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, are the different types of fuel used by the engine to generate temporary power. The 5kVA generator is used for small home appliances and small businesses to supply power. A 5kVA generator is eco-friendly and produces low levels of noise. With high fuel efficiency, the generator is capable of providing the uninterrupted temporary power supply.

Specification of 5kVA generator

power 5kVA
Brand Honda, Koel, Cooper, Kohler, Cummins
type Automatic, semi-automatic
Fuel consumption 1l / hour@ 100% load
Sound level Less than 70 DBA
Cooling system air-cooled & oil-cooled
voltage 230V
application Home or small business application
phase Single-phase and three-phase
Fuel tank capacity 15 liter approx
broke*stroke 86*76
Rated speed 3000
No. of cylinder 1
Alternator type 2 pole
frequency 50 Hz
Insulation Class H
Output type AC single phase & AC three-phase
Fuel type Natural gas, diesel, gasoline

5kVA Generator Monopoly

Things to consider while buying a Genset 5kVA generator

  •  Electric Start
  •  Alternative Fuel
  •  Fuel Gauge
  •  Low-Oil Shutoff
  •  Inverter Technology
  •  Multiple Outlets
  •  Removable Console

Reason to buy a 5kVA generator

Fuel efficiency: 

The 5kVA diesel generator are high fuel-efficient and can produce more electricity per liter.

Low Maintenance need: 

5 KVA diesel generator Sets typically do not have any spark plugs in their engine, so they require low maintenance and are extremely hassle-free. You can use easily and fulfil your needs.


The 5kVA generators are designed to be long-lasting. Even under difficult conditions, their design makes them ideal for operation, without requiring regular maintenance.

Low noise:

Their enclosures of 5kVA generators are designed to be soundproof and cause minimum vibrations. This makes them eco- friendly and ideal for operation in residential areas.

Feature of 5kVA generator

Easy mobility of the Generator

Small in size, easy to shift from one place to another

High reliability of the generators

Unmatched performance

The 5kVa generators are Eco-friendly

Easy maintenance is required

It is ideal for home appliances, small offices, retail outlets, any other small establishments

The 5kVA generators have a Powerful engine with fuel efficiency.

Uses of 5kVA generator

 The generator helps people to overcome the problem of a power cut. There are many types of generators ranging from small to large size generators. Most of the manufacturers offer small generators for home appliances. Small generators are easy to operate and fuels are easily available such as natural gas, diesel. The 5kVA generator comes under the category of small generator which is more suitable for small businesses and homes.5kVA generator can be used at various places. Such as

kitchen appliances: On each appliance, there is a label stating the amount of wattage the device requires on each appliance. The following are the appliances that will run with 5kVA generator

  • Toaster
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker, etc

Power tools: A 5kVA generator is capable of running power tools:

  • Power drills
  • Air compressors
  • Circular saws
  • Electric sprayers, etc

Small electrical appliances: It is possible to run small appliances with a 5kVA generator:

  • Fan
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Lamp
  • Hairdryer, etc


Generators are used for a temporary supply of electricity. The generator helps people to overcome the problem during the power cut. There are many types of Gensets ranging from small to large size Gensets. The 5kVA generator comes below the category of a small generator that is more appropriate for small home appliances and for small businesses. The 5kVA generator is capable of running home appliances such as washer and dryer, microwave,  refrigerator, television, air compressor, etc. 5kVA generators are available with different brand names such as Honda, Koel, Cooper, Greaves, etc.


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