Digital Marketing Tasks

Many digital marketing tasks need to be handled properly. Having leads, achieving quality traffic, or increasing sales are some of the main goals of digital marketing managers. To achieve them, it takes not only the knowledge and talent of a team of professionals, it is also very important to set up a routine to execute the essential digital marketing actions.

In everyday life, it is necessary:

1.- Control and follow the chosen strategy

This is one of the fundamental actions in digital marketing. There is no point in having the best plan if it is not properly implemented.

But for this it is necessary that the plan of digital marketing specifies previously the following elements:

All strategies and tactics that will be implemented;

The precise timetable for carrying out these actions;

The different channels through which to contact the users;

The indicators to be taken into account, globally and daily.

The first thing to do for a digital marketing manager of a major brand is to verify the correct application of the plan.

Let’s understand that a marketing strategy is alive and well. If you notice a malfunction, you have to be flexible and adapt the plans. It will then be necessary to ensure that changes are made and effective.

In digital marketing, here is an action not to neglect. Therefore, for many brands, the first hour of the day is devoted to a quick analysis of the situation and making the necessary decisions. This review should not be done alone, but with the people responsible for the different campaigns. For example, if the Ad words campaign is unsatisfactory, conversion specialists will provide the solutions and implement what has been decided.

2.- Review the content strategy and publication schedule

In the logic of the previous point, you must ensure that your content strategy is followed to the letter. When a specific channel is chosen to deliver a specific message to a segment of the target and to a specific schedule, it is essential to respect that choice.

Otherwise, you expose yourself to a failure of your plan. When new directions are to be established from data, they will not be entirely correct, unless it has been modified, a posteriori, in the calendar. In digital marketing, content is the oil that grease almost every tactic . Without a good message, a strong image of heroes and the right copy, there is no winning email.

The same goes for the other channels. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to all messages . So, among the day-to-day tasks of digital marketing, you need to control these publications.

3.- Check interactions and encourage debate

The content is mainly used to attract users to the ideas that interest them, and to foster interactions between them and the brand; in other words, to build a community.

Therefore, once these contents are released, it is necessary to spend a little time checking that the desired interactions are taking place . It is useless to have the best content on paper if it does not lead to anything. To achieve these interactions, do not be afraid to change your program, the tone of your messages or topics.

It’s essential on social networks. One of the main problems for companies on social networks is that they send messages that do not cause emotion to users. And they return, again and again. To avoid this, you need to find the keys that will mobilize your target audience , then add your content. For example, your users may like sunrise photos, and like to share or discuss this type of content. The job of a good digital marketing manager is to find the mechanisms to integrate the content of your business with this data. In this case, you can tell your followers what they can do with your brand after enjoying these sunrises.

4.- Investigate

Investigating is perhaps the most important daily action in digital marketing. The job of a digital marketing manager involves learning about everything related to the brand . A good search system is needed which provides information on:

  1. What are the consumer trends?

If you do not know the changes that affect your potential customers, you risk losing them. The digital environment is constantly changing. Trends are becoming shorter.

Imagine for example, only 10 years ago, that selfies would become what they are in communication? Does it make sense to continue designing websites for desktops? Or, perhaps, it’s smarter to start by designing a mobile design strategy.

If you ignore these trends, you could miss a lot of ways to reach your users . Hence the importance of devoting time every day to these digital marketing tasks, without which you could adopt bad strategies.

B.- What does the competition do?

Here is another aspect to take into account. You cannot consider having the best strategy without taking into account the reaction of your competitors. An action is always followed by a reaction, and that is why you must have a precise knowledge of the actions of the competition and the global evolution of the sector.

Use monitoring tools Competition  f therefore figure from your daily tasks in digital marketing.

With the information you have, you can not only compare what you do but also, at times, you can implement the most appropriate actions to reach your own customers.

C.- What are the tools to improve the work?

In-depth knowledge of key digital tools is essential for any online marketing manager. There is no point in setting goals without knowing how they can be done. You could otherwise try to send messages of more than 140 characters on Twitter, which is strictly impossible.

That’s why you need to spend time trying out and testing new tools to have more effective communication with your users , and to simplify your work.

5.- Make comparisons

One of the benefits of digital marketing campaigns is that they can easily be changed. For a traditional marketing manager, it was impossible to make changes once the creations sent to magazines, for example.

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to adapt almost any element of the digital strategy, be it messages or communication channels used with users.

There are also tools such as A / B Tests that allow you to optimize campaigns . Do you want to know if an email object is better than another? Do you need to define the perfect color for your CTA? You do not know how your subscribers will react to the schedule you choose for sending your message?

A continuous schedule of A / B tests will help you know the answers. And, best of all, it’s based on what your users are doing, not what they think.

A continuous A / B testing schedule will give you the answers. It will be based on the actions of your users, not their opinions.

6.- Measuring results, a task at the heart of digital marketing actions

Using industry data, competition, and user behavior on your own channels, you’ll have real, varied, and real-time data.

The real digital revolution is the ability to collect data on almost any action you take , allowing you to optimize all processes.

However, companies often make the mistake of not getting anything out of this data. In some cases, this is due to lack of knowledge of the necessary tools or lack of resources. This prevents a good evaluation.

The success of a digital marketing strategy today rests on the following factors:

An adequate definition of the KPIs to be measured;

The good data collection;

Taking the right steps and implementing decisions.

Only in this way can you assess whether the efforts have been successful or, conversely, whether they need to be adapted.

These 6 digital marketing tasks are essential for companies to succeed in their strategies. However, in order to increase prospects, it will often be necessary to rely on specialists in strategic marketing performance.


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