Recruitment Process

Recruitment is clearly the very first step that an HR takes to get the people who would help the stakeholder in running the organization. This may be a primeval step, the importance of this step cannot be subdued. So, this process should be carried out with special care and attention. It is the employees who will ultimately be working for the growth and success of the organization; if there will be any loophole in the recruitment process, it will hamper the growth chart of the company as well. So, in this blog, we tell you 7 steps you must follow to make the recruitment process effective in true sense. Take a look as otherwise, you would end up hiring not so appropriate candidate for various profiles. To correct the mistake, you will then need to see a sample of extension of probation period letter and then extend it to them.

Step 1 – Before you start looking

Long before you start looking for a job, you should think. If there is a position that you are doing recruitment for the first time, you should know how what is it that the profile demands. Which skills and capabilities in the profession are mandatory. All the information will help you in writing a proper job description and specifications.

Step 2 – Preparing a job description

A job description needs to be very accurate. The kind of candidates you will get will depend on what sort of responsibilities you have mentioned in the job description. When the job description is able to explain the objectives of the position, it makes the right candidates walk up to you on your own with their resumes. However, when you will not clearly state the requirements, you will get a lot of irrelevant applications as well.

Step 3- Find candidates

Start looking for candidates on social media, job portals and ask the employees for references.

Step 4 – Managing the application process

The application process typically should have a form wherein a few specific questions can be asked. Besides, it should also have an option for updating the resume. This two-step process is necessary.

Step 5 – Selecting candidates

The candidates should be judged on the basis of the real requirements of their position. For instance, the individual can be asked to do a written test, and a face to face round can be taken. You should decide who should give a test and be judged on the basis of their personality and who all should be judged on the basis of their technical expertise.

Step 6 – Making the appointment

When you find a candidate for a position good enough, you should do some background check and also make it clear if you will keep the employee on a probation period. You can also extend the period after referring to the sample of extension of probation period letter. After that, you get an employment contract carefully read and signed by the candidate.

Step 7 – Induction

When the new employee finally comes on board, the very first day, induction should be done. He should feel welcomed and should be informed about the company, his team and other major things that an HR should tell.


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