7 Things That Every Blog Should Have

Many people are having blogs. But, does your blog has everything that it should have. Well, there are some things that your blog needs for sure. Else your blog might have an empty feel. You don’t want that to happen, right? So, just check if your blog has these 7 things that every blog should have.

1. Social Media Links And RSS Feed

There should be link to all your social media. If people love your content they would like to follow you to get all the updates about you and your blog. You can also widgets of your social media on your sidebars. That way, people are just a click away from liking you and lazy people like me. Like those type of things. You should also add your RSS feed because maybe your blog readers like to read through RSS.

2. Comment Section

Let your audience say what they want to say after they read your content. So, just give them an option to comment and also reply to your comments. Don’t just let your audience speak, reply and interact with them.
The comment section should be an easy process because people don’t like too long processes just to add a comment. In the comment section asking for Name, Email and Website, Comment is enough.

3. About Page –

Your fans would love to know about you and your blog’s history after they start loving your content. So, add a well detailed about page and tell the world of who you are and how you started your blog. No matter you are a blogger or you run a website an about page is a must.

4. Easy Navigation

For blogging’s sake please choose a nice and clean design and make your blog’s navigation easier. You must have a search options. It should not be like, you have over 100 posts and you do not have a search bar. Let people search for the type of content they are looking for.

5. Subscription Form –

Let your blog lover’s have an option to subscribe to your blog. If you don’t have a subscription form you are missing a lot of returning visitors. This would also help you to build your email list. So, add a nice and clean subscription form and let your readers subscribe through that form.

6. An Option To Share –

Okay, let’s say a reader with 10,000 active followers loved your content and wants to share it. But, you are having no sharing option on your blog. I’m sorry to say, but you just lost 10,000 readers. Now, you know how important is adding a sharing option? So, add sharing option to each of your blog post.

7. Good Content –

Well, of course. If you are not having good content then, all the stuff listed above is of no use. Because people would not care about you, would leave your crappy blog and would not like to visit again. So, have good content, no matter in what niche you are. Good content would help your blog readers to love you and your blog.


  • Have good content
  • Have a sharing option to have more shares
  • Add subscription form to build e-mail list
  • Add your social media links and RSS feed
  • Let your readers add a comment through a comment section.
  • Tell everyone about you through an about page.
  • Make you blog easy to navigate, so one gets in trouble.

So, what are some other things that every blog should have?

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