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No doubt, SEO has changed a lot in 2018 and it’s hard to get rankings in the search engines like google, yahoo, Yandex etc. However, it’s proved that getting rankings in Google is pretty tough than other search engines.  It’s hard for professionals to rank their sites and it’s even harder when you’re new to the SEO world. Affiliate sites like leopards, 10beasts, TechRadar, PCverge etc are hard to rank and you know why? First of all, they write super long quality product reviews and their SEO backbone is strong enough to break and today I am going to reveal the exact SEO tips and strategies that these sites are using and you can do that too to rank your website.

SEO Tips and Ranking Factors 2018

Find a Topic That’s Trending:

This Is your first step. All you need to do is to choose a niche that you’re more interested in and from that niche, find a topic on which you can write your best. The next step is to simply go to google trends tool and put in your main topic keyword.

For example, if your focus keyword is “SEO tips”, you need to type it in the tool to find out whether the SEO trend is going up or down. If it’s going up, It’s much better for you to stick to the SEO tips topic. If not, choose another topic and repeat the process until you get your desired results from google trends.

 Proper Keywords Research:

Believe it or not, this is the best SEO tip of all and if you want rankings, you have to follow exactly what I say. So let’s say your focus keyword is “SEO tips” and you want to find all the relevant keywords for” SEO tips” and those are the keywords, you’ll be using throughout the article in order to let the google know about your content.

Simply go to ubersuggest and type in your main keyword and the tool will tell you which keywords are more relevant to your main keyword along with the volumes, CPC and Competition level.

I would recommend focussing on the medium and low competition keywords but if you don’t find them, doesn’t matter, go with the high competition keywords and sprinkle them in your article. Forget about the density because You can also use tools like Google AdWords, LSIgraph, KWfinder, and Longtail pro.

Here’s the bonus SEO tip:

Focus on long tail keywords with more search volume and you’ll rank faster than ever and I call them the money keywords.

Content Creation:

Here is the real deal. You have to be very careful here because when you write trash articles, no one is going to like it. You need to create content that is appealing to the audience and you need to engage your audience on your website as much as you can. One of the coolest SEO tips that I am about to give you is that you need to use the word “You” and “I” in the content to connect your audience with your content more. Just like you do conversation with your friends, you need to go the same way with your audience. This way your bounce rate will drop and google will give you a good position in the SERPs.

Update Your Content on the Weekly basis:

Google love updates, all you need to do is to add something new to your content may be a new keyword or a paragraph or trademarks, it could be anything but keep your content update and your organic traffic will increase in no time. Remember, your existing high-quality content is just like gold and Google loves this when you give them a new update.

 Appealing Meta Title:

If your content is on top of the line but your meta title suck, google will never rank such an article. Make sure you put on an appealing title including the focus keyword in there In an appropriate way and it will help you a lot in ranking your content for sure. This way Google will know what this content is about and it’s good SEO signal. The is essential and it is one of the recognized best SEO tips and ranking factors.

Meta Description:

Here is one of the best SEO tips and ranking factors that will blow your mind and it’s simple. Initially, you just have added your main keyword in the content and then publish the article, your keywords will start getting impressions. You can simply check them in the Google search console. Analyze all keywords and find out the keywords that are having more impressions. Simply pick those keywords and add them to your meta description. Your ranking will improve for sure.

Article Design:

Here’s the strategy, there are many blogs out there that I have seen with trash content but when I saw their design, it was stunning and they were ranking on the first page of google. I tried good article designs rather than make it look like trash and guess what? I find out a great difference in my traffic by almost 300%. My bounce rate was dropped and I was good to go.

Off-page SEO:

Backlinks are everything, one of the best SEO tips and ranking factors that can bring a dramatic change in your ranking. if you have the world’s best content, awesome design and you don’t have backlinks, you’re not going get rankings in the google. After you publish your content, make connections with the people having the same site that you have. Simply email them and ask them for a link and most of the times, you’ll receive backlinks. If you send 100 emails, there’s a possibility that you’ll get a response from 2 or 3 people but that’s enough because 1 link from the high authority site can have a great impact on your rankings.


Ranking in Google is tough and by following the above SEO tips that I mentioned can help you a lot in getting ranked on the first page of google. It’s going to be tough in the beginning but as long as you stick to it, you’ll have traffic on your site and you’ll make money out of it. Personally, we work for 7 months on each blog and when the traffic, DA, PA, TF get stable, we sat it there and all we do is follow the above strategies that I mentioned


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