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Wikipedia is a site that all internet users come across frequently. No matter what keywords a person enters on the search engine platforms, the search results usually contain a link to Wikipedia. Noticeably, the results that are related to Wikipedia appear on the top of the list in most cases. These facts tell us about the power of SEO that Wikipedia pages have. Such power of SEO is a dream for many businesses who work hard to maintain their internet presence.

Businesses use all type of social media networks and business blogs to keep themselves under the spotlight and appear in the top results when a relevant keyword is searched. They generate unique and high-quality content on a daily basis and integrate it with keywords that will boost their SEO. This procedure demands resources and inputs to provide good results. However, there are businesses who go smarter way and choose another path to achieve all of their digital content marketing goals.

Businesses opt for creating a Wikipedia page with the help of Wikipedia page creator services that are available online. Having a Wikipedia page boosts their Search Engine Optimization on a permanent basis and helps their potential market approach them from all across the globe. Moreover, a Wikipedia page can help businesses attain an outstanding brand identity due to their association with the largest encyclopedia of the world. Besides that, they do not even need to invest so much money and time to maintain a Wikipedia page because it does not demand new content every now and then.

There are a number of business and marketing people who have no clue how Wikipedia can be a help for their firms. This article is an attempt to help businesses how they can become volunteers for Wikipedia and create their business page. They can take the professional help from a good Wikipedia page creator if they want.

Steps That You Would Need To Follow


  • Notability Test


A business that wants to have a Wikipedia page should first of all check its notability. Wikipedia does not allow every business that exists to have a Wikipedia page. A business must have some kind of significance to own a Wikipedia page and it should be able to prove its importance by providing citations and references from different credible sources. Note that this does not mean you must be a giant corporation to make a Wikipedia page with your name but rather it implies that you must carry some significance to be a part of such a big platform. Moreover, the business must not be involved in controversies as Wikipedia prohibit political subjects.

Wikipedia Account

If you have passed the notability test and you think you can create a Wikipedia page, You must go and make a Wikipedia account to be able to access Wikipedia freely. However, before you begin the process of making a Wikipedia account, look up the site and search for your company name. Is there a page of your company that someone has voluntarily created?

If yes, then the journey ends right here. You should just maintain the page and edit the information that you think should be edited. However, if it is not the case and you do not have a page on the site, then you should think that the journey begins here. You need to start with a Wikipedia account that is created by providing Wikipedia authentic basic information about yourself as incorrect information can lead to permanent blockage of your IP address.


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and the articles that are published on the site are detailed in their nature. Collecting all the details about your business needs you to research on the subject well. Gather all the stats and reports about your company before you begin you write.

Content Creation

Before starting to write your Wikipedia content, you must understand that the nature of the content demanded by Wikipedia is different from the usual blog writing. You need to write the content as if you are writing a research thesis where you need evidence, citations, references and a neutral tone with no political bias. Following these guidelines are very important as the editors check every page thoroughly before approving them. Also, do not submit your content before proofreading it through multiple times. Any errors can lead to rejection.

Edit and Maintenance

Once you are satisfied with the style of writing and the content, submit it to Wikipedia for publishing. You will soon get to know the results. If you get published in the first attempt, celebrate and keep monitoring your page to see if anyone has tried to edit it or are there any flags that call your attention. If any of this happens, respond immediately to keep the page up-to-date and authentic. However, if you fail to get it published in the first attempt, do not feel bad. Make the edits in your content that you think might have caused the rejection and resubmit. You can also seek professional help if you find it difficult to point out any error in your content.


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