AI certifications

The World Economic Forum predicts skills like critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, cognitive flexibility, and decision making to be the core key skills that can positively impact the organization.

If you’re able to demonstrate these skills, you can easily position yourself to be a valuable resource to the company. And why not, your skills would be in-demand.

Headlines with artificial intelligence in it are flaunting its use in the jobs market these days. With fears of this technology replacing jobs, people are now moving toward learning AI skills.

The AI job status in India

About 68% and above of the firms in India predicts to adopt AI by the end of 2020, says a report by IDC.

Companies that have shown interest in AI closely include product companies that deal with AI-powered visual search, recommendation engines, and chatbots. Along with these product companies, you will also find other companies that offer services, training, or recruitment closely intact with AI.

The AI growth seen in the Indian market estimates to be 30% annually.

The AI market has flocked the Indian market with more companies looking to adopt AI. Not just businesses but even the tech professionals are keen to acquire skills in AI. The AI market is indispensable. Not to forget, the current market sits at a current state of about USD 230 million, this in regards to the revenue which drastically scaled from USD 180 million a year back.

Industries AI professionals – AI specialist and AI engineers must target

AI is everywhere. Be it an Uber you use to book your ride or perhaps the next TV series lined up in Netflix just for you; it is all AI.

AI projects to improve our world in ways we aren’t even sure of. Although the number says that automation and AI are bound to destroy millions of jobs, it is going to create double the amount of jobs it destroys.

AI isn’t here to scare us or take away our jobs but to improve our lives.

For AI specialists looking to get into the AI should first identify the industries that are in dire need for professionals with updated skills.

It is no doubt already ruling the business world like a storm.

The best industries to be named would be – healthcare, fintech, IT, BFSI, and e-commerce, and well, now is the right time to pull your socks up and hit the AI road.

Tech giants like IBM, SAP Labs, Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan Chase, and Infosys are significantly looking to hire the right talent with the right AI skills.

Step by step guide to get into an AI career

  1. Understand the current AI landscape in India and plan your career accordingly
  2. Research the most popular job listings in the AI market – top job roles in AI include AI researcher, data scientist, ML engineer, and data engineer.
  3. Acquire the prerequisite skills the industry demands of you
  4. Plan a comprehensive learning path and hop into the AI career – earning an AI certification could be a great start
  5. Start working on projects to get hands-on experience with the tools and technologies
  6. Get called for interviews and grab your dream job

Salary compensation

An AI professional could earn a median salary package of near about 14.4 LPA in the Indian market at every level. Around 4% of professionals skilled in AI earn a whopping salary package of around 50 LPA and above. This clearly shows that there is a high need for AI professionals in the jobs market.

Professionals with the latest skillset in AI could also command a hike of 60-80%. With signs, such as this, it is evident that the AI future is going to be ubiquitous. Thus, this could be an exciting time to join the AI bandwagon.



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