captivate lift advertising

Gone are those days when there were only a few types of ads including the radio and television ads. In today’s scenario there are various new forms of ADS that have dominated the earlier types of ads. These ads do not only work well but can really help in increasing sales and news of a particular business. 

Various business owners world wide have actually utilised this new form of ad. And now you must be being extremely impatient to actually find out about these ads because you already must have come across these forms of ads in some point of your life. If you are thinking about ads on internet such as Facebook or Instagram ads then let me tell you they are working these days and are very effective. 

But there is also one type of ad in offline world that is working really great. More and more businessmen and marketers are relying on this form of ad. Well, these are called captivate elevator advertising. Have have you heard of this new form of ads?  Have you ever seen these types of ads in lifts? You may not have actually got to look at this new form of ad but let me tell you that these are not very rare and can be easily added on lift present in buildings, malls, etc. 

Placing these ads on escalator is good for both the person who is going to watch them and the business owner. Captivate lift advertising entertain the person using the lift for 2 minutes or whatever time they may take while travelling through the lift. And helps businessmen in attracting customers who are really seeking what is being displayed. It is indeed very creative method for displaying and there is no threat of the ads being damaged or scratch because these are digital earlier form of ads unlike regular poster ads being pasted on road walls that can be easily scratched. Since this is a display ad it can’t be scratched or damaged in any way.  

This new form of creative ads is very useful in attracting customers.  Because they are displayed in the specific amount of people who are genuinely interested in watching those display ads and these ads are placed in the lift of those societies whose members are actively seeking the products and services being provided by the business owner. You should definitely try these captivate lift advertising for they are in trend these days. It would be very good for you and your business if you use this method of displaying add to attract audience and drives people towards your products and services. There are various companies available in India and other parts of the world which provide in these lift advertising service.  

These are very creative people who will help you in displaying at to the audience in your budget. You can also ask your friends and acquaintances about ads if they have ever tried to spread ads among people about their services through these ads. Because suggestions from them will help you get a clue whether it’s really going to work for you or not.


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