Android V/s iPhone

Which one is better-Android or iPhone? The battle between Android and iPhone is old. While buying a phone, it is hard to decide which option is better and which operating will serve you the best. 

Comparing between an iPhone and Android is not an easy task. Both the giant mobile operating system providers offer numerous features and work on the best of the user- interface options. They have many things in common and also there are distinct features that make them two poles apart. 

In this post, you may learn about the key features that brilliantly compare the two best platforms and segregate these two smartphones. Let’s take a look.

Android V/s Iphone

Here are the main 6 reasons that differ between Android and Apple devices. It shows why Android is a popular and most preferred option among users. 

1. Customization

Customization is one of the prominent features that is offered by Android smartphones. With Android,you may change  your device appearance as per your desire. Whether it’s your keyboard, home screen launcher, widget, lock screen, music playback or email app etc; available on Android can be customized easily. You may install Also,using CyanogenMod, you may remove some unnecessary features that come pre- loaded on your smartphone. Whereas the iPhone sticks to its monotonous user interface. It locks down the UI and is limited to few selected widgets. In Iphones, there is no apps drawer in Android and in order to organize all the apps clutter, you require creating app folders. 

2. Better Value

This is the main reason for Android ‘s popularity around the world. No matter how much you love the iPhone or its features, an important point where Android beats iPhone is its price option. Iphones are highly expensive and to get your desired features, you might require to drain off all your savings. Whereas Android stands a way better when it comes to prices. In Android, you get camera quality, wide range of camera options, range of primary storage and many advanced features in your budget. In the price of iPhones SE, you may get a great range of Android with more brilliant features and a bigger screen. In addition to this, Android devices allow downloading of many apps such as android cleaner apps, battery booster, duplicate cleaner apps that makes Android device performance more improved and better.

3. MicroSD card support

If you are out of storage space and using an iPhone, then probably you are left with no options other than erasing data or spending money on buying a new phone. Apple devices don’t give options to add more internal storage space. You cannot expand the RAM of your phone with a microSD card. However, with Android, you may equip your smartphone with a microSD and increase your storage space. You save on prices when you look for internal storage at Android. There is a huge difference between buying a 32 GB iPone 7 price and buying 200 GB microSD card. Moreover, you can customize your storage amount on your Android device and get improved efficiency. 

4. More Cloud Storage

iCloud storage is a great problem for an iPhone user. You get limited storage for your device usage and don’t get any option to integrate with Google drive. iCloud allows only 5 GB space to the users while an Android user gets Google drive integration which adds 15 GB of cloud storage. Moreover, in case you want to upgrade iCloud storage, then you need to pay comparatively more. Adding extra 50GB iCloud storage may cost $100 per year while Google offers twice storage for $24 per year (at $2 per month).

5. No back button

Iphone devices lack the feature of a “Back” button. Anyone who is used to Android phones may find it weird to not have a Back button on their phones. The Back button of Android phones allows a comfortable user interface. It enhances the customer’s experience and allows them to exit easily from any app. However, in Apple devices the back button is usually on the top right corner but the position of the back button is not fixed. For a new user, it may be annoying as they are not used to this practice and often come on the home page in order to exit the app. 

6. NFC Restriction

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication technology that allows the user to transfer files and data between 10 cm distance. Android has supported this feature for many years. There are no restrictions for smart users to share the data or files. However, the Apple devices allow NFC features with Apple Pay only on iPhone 6. 

Both iPhone and Android smartphones are the best platforms today in the market. However, Android stays one step ahead in serving users with the best of experience and innovations. 


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