Attendance Management software

One of the most crucial problems employers are facing today is managing attendance. Absenteeism mainly leads to lower quality of service, productivity and decreased the confidence of co-workers. Compatible management of attendance problems will have positive results in the workplace

Attendance Management software is a kind of business application created to track and optimize the hours that employees use on the job and hold records of wages and salaries spent.

Attendance Management software

The Main Benefits of Using Time and Attendance Software

Tracking time and attendance is important for all companies, no matter its scope or the techniques used to manage employee pay. Having an automated attendance tracking software in place can assist companies across all industries to save money and increase the operations.

Attendance management software can also be combined with HRMS software and payroll systems to analyze and streamline roles within the company.

Productivity Gains

Time and attendance software can benefit managers to follow productivity and learn ways to improve company efficiency and labor management. Valuable labor times are also saved as human resources or managers are not needed to compile time cards and determine payroll. This free’s labor hours up for more productive management.

Reduction of Errors

Human error is forever a part when processes are performed manually. Even when things from one software is manually assigned or entered into another system, the possibility of frequent errors exists. Linking time and attendance software to payroll processes essentially eliminates the chance of errors, assuring greater accuracy in employee wages and labor tracking.

Greater Employee Empowerment

Different types of time and attendance software have employee entrance skills. When employees are ready to access their own data to determine hours served and review attendance records, employees may feel more empowered and responsible. This can improve the “ownership” mentality, driving employees to feel more satisfied and loyalty toward an organization.

Clocking In and Out

The most prominent feature, the basic purpose of a time and attendance module is to enable employees to clock in and out to hold a record of their working hours. Claims must include magnetic card readers, PIN numbers or even biometric scanners that classify employees’ fingerprint.

Absence Management

As well as monitoring presence, time and attendance software can assist you to manage absence. Whether it is unexpected due to sickness, vacation days, or paid time off – it should be simple for managers to see at a glimpse of who’s in, who isn’t, and what each person’s entitled to pay and allowances are.


The time and attendance software should control breaks on your behalf, using that information for reporting and compliance purposes, and provide automated notifications if break patterns are not matching the legislative norms.


These days, workforce are much further likely to be scattered, working in the field, from home, or elsewhere. A mobile account of your attendance management software should support and control remote clocking in, giving you a view of the hours worked by the entire workforce and not only those ‘on-premises’. Mobile apps may also involve GPS tracking systems for worker safety or location monitoring.

Comprehensive Policy Configuration

As organized under Part IV of Employment Act, your employees are allowed to breaks, overtime pay and rest day. Unless you have a group of employees who are allowed to do overtime as well as others who are entitled to time off, your typical Time and Attendance system should be capable to provide to these scenarios.


Finally, your Attendance management software should be able to produce simple HR Analytics using the system’s data. Expect your software to give you the data to various attendance-related reports, allowing insights into hours worked, shift patterns, and so on with a sense to constantly enhance productivity.

Darwinbox attendance management software handles all aspects with uniformity and efficiency. You experience bliss when attendance, leave and payroll are seamlessly blended.

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