Biometric Security System

Gone are those days when punching cards and company’s register were the only way to get your attendance done. Just like that identifying a person and allowing him in your office has been changed from manual to biometrics.


Have you’ve ever noticed that why people are not asked to note the time as soon as they enter their office premises? No, because a naked eye can make slight changes while noting accurate time from their watch to the register. Apart from the security purpose, that’s the major reason why companies have installed biometric security systems. It is a smart scanning device that has fewer chances of making errors.

Biometric Security System

On a true note, a step towards biometric security system can make it easier for your organization to determine exactly who is accessing your system in your absence. As this technology is unique to each individual’s data authorization biometric authentication also creates accountability.


Every transaction or action is documented along with the individual associated with it. As a result, an accurate audit is carried out, which naturally reduces the possibility of misuse, fraud and data breach. The accurate data that is carried out is a driving source to increase the profitability ratio.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of a biometric security system;


  • EXACT TIMING: an individual’s watch might show the correct time but noting it from the watch to entering it in your company’s register or system can exhibit a deviation of minutes or seconds. Whereas with biometric time and attendance system there is no possibility of such mistake. Time limits are set in an office for a specific reason, to maintain timesheets and for other security purposes.
  • Fewer ERRORS: Technology which is used for biometric security is not just the stuff of science fiction movie that fails in the climax. But biometric security software is pretty easy to access and it has fewer chances of getting corrupted. It is accessible in all tablets and smartphones which protects the sensitive information in your device from data breaches.
  • IMPROVED SECURITY: Data protection is very important when you are working in an office where data is perpetually processed and analyzed. Your client’s information to your employee’s personal data is your organization’s responsibility. Ensuring your data is secured is important and what’s better than installing biometric security which can help you protect your data from hackers and screen snooping.
  • MINIMIZE OPERATIONAL COST: backing up your sensitive data and information can take so much of time, money and effort whereas using a biometric security software can help you get an ultimate solution from all data breaching issues.
  • ORGANIZATION’S GROWTH: Above listed all advantages can help you build a strong image in front of your customers that can also maintain your company’s goodwill. It also helps in the improvement of an organization’s profitability.
  • HELPFUL IN PAYROLL PROCEDURE: Biometric security system is really helpful when creating payrolls for employees. Once a definite timing has been registered you don’t need to think twice before creating the employees pay.


  • EXTRA COST TO COMPANY: Every capital cost that a company makes is some sort of an investment. If your company is up to installing a new security system then make sure it’s worth buying. Because it’s not for an individual’s device or the main gate but you have to install it on every department and on every employee’s device. Well, it is understandable that it’s worth using but it also adds an extra cost to your company’s budget which can affect your profitability.
  • EXTRA MANAGEMENT: Installing a biometric security system is a onetime cost whereas recruiting people to take care of it is not a onetime cost. You have to pay the guard who sits there every day to guard it or to take notice if people are really paying attention to it or not. It also needs extra management to fix if it’s broken or for any malfunction happened.
  • TECHNOLOGICAL FAILURES: It is not necessary that the technology you are using have to be correct all the time. Same like that a biometric security system is also a piece of technology that can get ruptured and corrupted also. To avoid such kind of failures it’s better to use the updated version instead of the old ones you have.


Waiting for someone to wipe out your data is pointless these days. It’s better to get equipped and install security systems at your premises. Biometric security systems are now a need for an organization to stop their data from hacking and to protect their system from snooping, it is also used in various document security solutions.


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