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Jumping into the world of Gojek Clones

The aspect of Multi-Tasking isn’t a simple thing. For quiet, sometimes business people were not able to consolidate numerous on-demand services when it comes to smooth all-encompassing functioning. Then came Gojek...
Mobile Apps Increase

How Mobile Apps Increase Visibility & Grow Business Rapidly

Not so long ago, mobile apps were a book of large corporations and companies.  However, that ace in the hole for the big men has changed rapidly over the last two...
How to Become A Successful Game Developer

How to Become A Successful Game Developer? Key Considerations and Tips

The incredible success stories of mobile games never fail to invoke dreams of becoming successful game developers. But only a handful turn such dreams into career inspirations and choose the right...
What Mobile Do I Buy

What Mobile Do I Buy? 2020 Guide To Buying A Mobile

One of the questions we ask ourselves the most when it comes to changing the phone is the question: what mobile do I buy? The phone market encompasses a huge number...
Android V/s iPhone

Android V/s iPhone: 6 Reasons Why Android is Even Better Than iPhone

Which one is better-Android or iPhone? The battle between Android and iPhone is old. While buying a phone, it is hard to decide which option is better and which operating will...
Smartphone Insurance

Why is Smartphone Insurance so Important?

A survey held by Flipkart resulted in showing that every 4 smartphones out of 10 are broken in India. Out of the total number of broken smartphones, around 43% of them...
Mobile App Development

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Mobile App Development

Whatever is your mobile app idea, you need to understand the difference between the two major mobile app development company platforms– Apple’s App Store and Google’s play store. Before you decide...
mobile app testing

Major Challenges in Mobile App Testing

In the current digital sphere, Internet of Things (IOT), mobile devices and applications have a major contribution to digitization. With an incredible increase in the number of smartphones, developers have felt...
Hosted Phone System

5 Reasons to Use Hosted Phone System for Your Business

Over the last ten years, companies have increasingly embraced forms of communication that do not involve the desktop telephone. At many businesses, emailing, texting, and Skyping have eliminated the need to...
Mobile Cleaning Apps

Top 5 Mobile Cleaning Apps

Get rid of the top 5 mobile cleaning apps of your choice and keep your mobile clean at all times. Depending on the care of the mobile service it will provide...



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