Driving Organic Traffic

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. Writing useful content which is not visible to the audience in a search engine is a waste of time and efforts. According to Google’s guidelines, you should not write an article for the Search engine; instead, you should write an article which is user-friendly and is relevant to the user’s query.

According to Google, you shouldn’t write an article which looks like pure spam written only for getting more traffic from search engine providing zero relevancies to the query. If you perform a black hat SEO like keyword stuffing or buying links from unrelated sites, then Google may slap your website with a penalty. 

So what can you do for writing something which is well optimized and it looks natural as well? Here is how you can write SEO optimized blog that is reachable to the users in search engine

  •   Use Keywords in Title and Heading tags:

Don’t repeat the keywords again and again. Let your article look natural t Google and the readers. Use your main keyword in the title and heading tags that would help Google to find out what your content is about. 

  •   Write fresh content:

Writing fresh content that is not already present on the internet can work well for attracting more audience. The latest article which gives insight on the latest trends is going to be the most engaging article. If you are writing an article on a topic which is flooded on the internet by the fellow writers than it is going to give no value to your web page. 

  •   Keyword density:

Keyword density is the total number of keywords in one article divided by a total number of words (Definition by shoutmeloud.com). Though there is no ideal per cent of keyword density, you should avoid keyword stuffing, but that doesn’t mean you have to use no focus keywords in your article. 

However, Now, Google doesn’t focus more on keyword density. What it focuses on is the quality of the content on the webpage. You should focus on that too.

  •   Write for users, not for Google:

I know I have said it in the starting of this article, and I am repeating it; DON’T WRITE FOR GOOGLE! WRITE FOR THE USERS. Google and Google’s algorithm works to improve the user’s experience. They provide the most relevant result to the user’s query, and maybe that is the reason why Google is the most popular search engine globally. If Google thinks your content is worth sharing, which will help the audience, and then it will show your site on the first page and vice versa.

Here’s why you should focus on Google’s guidelines:

  Organic Traffic

Source: statcounter.com

Google is the search engine with the highest market share globally (as you can see in the figure above). Google holds the market share of 92.04%, Yahoo – 2.67%, and Bing 2.39% as on May 2019.  

If the purpose of the content on your webpage is to drive more traffic on your site or to rank on the top on search engine result page than you better write a content which can fit into Google quality rating guideline and if the purpose is to educate your audience than just focus on the relevancy of the content, If your audience found it useful they will share it with others, and you too can share it on your social media platform so that your audience may find it easily.

You can also hire an experienced freelance content writer to write the best SEO optimized and quality content for your website. It is not going to affect your budget as freelancers do not charge as much as a content writing agency do and you can choose a freelancer according to budget.

I hope this will help you to plan your content writing strategy. Please write your feedback and suggestions below in the comment section. 


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