Designing a Business Logo – Key Considerations You Should Know!

How important is a business logo?

Well, that’s an interesting question because while businesses do go crazy about creating a corporate web design, more often than not they tend to disregard the effectiveness of a corporate logo. For one part, many small businesses including SMEs are always looking for cost-effective alternatives, which for them means cutting on every expense (which in most cases results in cutting any expense for a professional business logo as well). However, what they don’t realize or at least pretend to ignore is the fact that a business logo isn’t just a symbol but rather represents your brand’s face, which if executed rightfully, have the capacity to completely uplift your brand.

Just imagine the total dismay of a visitor when he looks at rather a bland logo of your corporate web design, it won’t really help you business cause, does it? So, while striving for corporate web design is much important, getting the right logo for your brand is equally important.

What makes a great business logo?

Before we start off, it’s important to clear your view of the difference between graphic designing and business logo designing. While the two processes do share many similarities, they are inherently different jobs with specific skill requirement. As far as business logo designing is concerned, the success in this case ultimately lies with the capacity, skills, and perception of the designer to recreate a graphical sketch that relates to your business model. I personally take logo designing as an extension of graphic designing; the skill that is gained through experience and exposure.

Wait, but what are the key considerations that go into designing an exquisite logo?

Well, there is no one skill or consideration that can seal the deal for your quest to the best business logo. However, a few important considerations that you need to pay close attention to include:

– Sketching

This old school technique is as relevant today as at any time in the past. See, when we are talking about a business logo, we can’t just log in to our stock image account and start looking for some stuff to copy or tweak. The most intrusive and intriguing business logos don’t need to be most complex, but rather most elusive. It can be as simple as “Amazon” logo which is nothing more than the text with a single pointer that goes from “A to Z”, thus representing the complete philosophy of the brand.

Thereby, the best way to start off the quest for the best business logo is to start by sketching ideas on paper. Remember, the logo which doesn’t appear great on paper, won’t do the deal on “digital media” as well.

– The Art of Balancing

Another important consideration for logo designing is the art of balancing between various elements and variables that go into logo designing. Elements like colors, size, fonts, theme all effects the final finish of the logo and thereby, need to complement each other perfectly to bring out the ultimate design.

–    Size Matters

As for the size, remember, you will be using your business logo across all marketing material including website, flyers, brochures, printed material, business cards, etc. Thereby, keep the design as simple and clean as possible so that it doesn’t get complicated when resized for different purposes.

About the Author:

Jack Smith is Marketing Head at Digital Gravity – A corporate web design agency in Dubai. He has an accumulated experience of 10+ years in digital marketing with a focus on SEO and Content marketing strategy.


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