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As digital trends evolve every year, marketers should keep a look out in the changing trends and adapt the emerging technologies to stay ahead in the continuously developing market. This helps businesses to gain a competitive edge and provides them new ways to grow their business, generate leads, and improve their relationship with potential customers.

Digital marketing is a vast concept, and marketers need to have a clear understanding of the concept to stand out in the developing industry. Using innovative technology and strategic planning to develop a marketing plan to attract the audience can help business in achieving their business goals.

To help you determine what is leading in 2019, here is a list of the leading marketing strategies that you can take advantage of and improve it as accordingly to achieve the desired results.

Digital Marketing

#1. Voice search

Voice search is continually rising to popularity, and it is estimated that 50% of all the queries are going to be voice-based according to ComScore.

There are two types of voice search that are implemented today—one, the searches implemented by smart speakers such as Google home, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and more, providing immediate voice answers to the query and second the one installed in phones such as Google assistant and Apple’s Siri, providing display answers in search results.

Businesses today must focus on how to implement voice search in SEO in order to be found. Marketers must use more natural language SEO to create content accordingly. Focus on voice queries and long-tail keywords which searchers are likely going to speak when asking a question.

#2. Smarter chat

Chatbots have been in a rise for a few years now and are going to stay as a marketing trend. They play an essential role in improving the customer experience and allow marketers to better engage with potential customers. Chatbots provide real-time assistance to the customer, with dedicated support and interaction when they ask a question regarding the problem. According to research, almost 45% of the customers prefer using chatbots as a major means of communication as they are easy to talk to, remember the entire customer history of the caller and do not lose patience when a lot of questions are asked.

#3.Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality has gained instant popularity since its use in the Pepsi ad posted on the bus stands in London. It is an application where the static or unreal environment is brought to life with the help of software offering a real like image to the audience. This trend is not something new, but it has become a highlighted trend in 2019.

#4. AI and machine learning

AI allows marketers to anticipate probable patterns of the customers based on the collected data. The collected data helps them to engage with the audience and customers through various channels such as emails, sales outreach, or digital advertising. Several industries today are using AI for better marketing and have experienced a positive effect on business growth.

#5. Transparency

AI is helping businesses to collect data in large amounts. Consumers want the brands to be transparent with the business processes, and any misinformation about it a negative impact on the audience, and yet the collected data is crucial to provide quality to the customers.

Many companies are using Wikipedia as a platform to provide authentic information to the audience to gain their trust. With the help of Wikipedia page creators and services, these businesses provide reliability to the potential clientele making them regular buyers of the brand.

#6. Live videos and more stories to share with the audience

Who doesn’t love a good story? Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms live videos are the fastest growing trend due to its remarkable wave in the past three years. Live videos are effective because they are free, takes a short time to produce and offers real-time engagement of the audience. Most importantly, it has the ability to generate greater impressions than posts published in news feeds of social media sites. It allows marketers to reach to a broader audience and boost their traffic on social channels.

#7. Purpose-driven brands and Gen Z

Brands that move forward with value and purpose have the opportunity to establish communication with the audience transparently and with authenticity. This leads the businesses to gain the trust of the audience. As said above, businesses are taking the help of Wikipedia page creators to attract the audience. However, it is important to understand what approach can work best for your business and how it can change the perspective of the potential buyers towards your business.

The bottom line is that businesses striving to achieve a stable position it the market must adopt the changing trends of marketing to be able to attract the attention of the audience. Other than that, you must keep a look out at your competitors and similar industries to observe their marketing strategies and work accordingly to make sure you achieve the desired results.


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