Instagram marketing

Social Media is the most powerful media to promote the business effectively in a cost-effective way. Once you start engaging with the customer via these platforms increasing the new client number and maintain the existing client number will be an easy task. Nowadays, Instagram has turned out to be one of the most powerful social media platforms. All that you need to do is match the trend and create interest among the users.

Begin with a business Instagram account

Before you begin your marketing strategy, consider meeting best internet marketing company and then check out whether the Instagram account you bear is a perfect business account. Promoting business with a personal account will not yield the desired results. Instead, it will make the condition worse turning the entire plan upside down. Always maintain a separate account for the business and personal use. Mixing up the business and personal posts is unlikely and the followers will be much interested with only the personal post more than the official ones. In order to boost the Instagram traffic primarily has to concentrate on three things. They are,

  •    Ameliorate the view numbers of the Instagram post by exposing it directly to the target audience.
  •    Your target group must be influenced and self-motivated to keep looking for your posts and follow it on regular basis.
  •    Instagram must serve as a direct link to your business
  •    Enhanced attention towards the target audience

Add website link to the profile

In the overall Instagram account, there is only one spot for using a clickable link. It is the link over your profile. Utilize that particular area by filling it up by a shortened URL and keep it tidy. Never use a wide link that may look completely miserable in your bio page. Always keeps that particular space clean making it impressive for viewers. That particular link you are adding up at the account page must redirect the users to your homepage, store or other landing pages that further promote your business in some way.

In order to gain more traffic motivates the users to visit a particular link by using the link over the IG account. Suppose if you’re capable of getting 10k or already having more than that quantity of followers then you have special opportunities waiting for you. For a business account with less than 10k followers it is possible to paste only one hyperlink over the account but for the pages with more than that number of followers additional capabilities to paste more than one hyperlink is offered by Instagram.

Create interaction

The most common way to gain more traffic is by creating inevitable contents. Explore all the possible features in Instagram and develop more interactive contents to draw the attention of the users. Many of the people like the stories feature of the IG, so you can make promotions via stories captivating the viewers. There are a lot of interesting facts about the stories features. About 300 Million users are active users of this particular feature. This means that around 300 million people are watching stories every day which is more than that of the Snapchat having only 187 Million active users. Nowadays, many brands are utilizing this feature to reach their products to the user.

Stories are more interesting sections that allow the user to post location tags, stickers, boomerangs, GIFs, filters and a lot more. Also, the ‘swipe up’ feature adds more extra benefits and accessibilities to the user making it much convenient to share or comment. If you are in need of an immediate hike in the following number here is a special tip. Try to make your stories more fun, informative and keep them engaging.

Add URL to videos

Videos are important components that bring spotlight. When compared to the other media types the videos are the major ones that keep the users much engaged comparatively. In fact, the inbound links brought about by the videos are three times greater than a normal image post. Hence, videos are proved to be the effective ones to be employed into action for narrative purposes. It is much worth investing over it.

For instance, consider the brand Dollar Shave Club that posts innovative videos to create talk among the people. Their posts are almost similar to that of the television channel. While posting it also include the URL to the video. This further enhances our work process towards promotion.

Make use of a shopping feature

The purchasable feed feature is available for business accounts with more than 10K followers. A major advantage of this feature is allowing the user to make a purchase directly over that particular display area. A direct link to their app is made via the feed easing shopping experience for the user. Through this way, when the user taps over the product automatically the name, price and link for that product roll out. An additional facility for shopping as the display of the shop button over the brand’s profile is also an added advantage.

Utilize analytics

The analysis is an important part of any strategy. Instagram Insights provide business account along with certain metrics they are, account activity that comprises impressions, reach, link clicks, profile visits and content activity that offers similar service in terms of post. The more the analysis you make better you can understand the users. Thereby, conducting a successful marketing strategy and elevating the business.


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