Employee PC Surveillance

Employers these days used to of monitoring the activities of their employees on a company’s devices within the working hours. However, sometimes they exceed the barriers of personal privacy and often get access to the activities that they should not get access to. So, they should know surveillance of employees PC how far is too far. On the other hand, they should use such a monitoring software for employees that gives them everything but don’t allow them to cross the red lines. Today we are going to tell you about the employee monitoring software that gives you the preliminary advantage of prior dangers that is about to happen or in process and user can directly and take immediate action against the employee without breaching their personal privacy. So, employers should use computer monitoring software to monitor employee activities. Let’s take a look below how you can get the multi-functional spy app to track employee activities on company’s owned PCs.

How to install PC surveillance software to monitor employees?


First of all, you need to visit the official website of the computer tracking app and then you need to subscribe to it. Then you will get the credentials such as pass code and ID. Moreover, you have to get the possession of your target windows or MAC laptop or desktop PC. Then you need to start with the installation process and once you have completed the process. Then you need to activate it on the target laptop device running with MAC or Windows OS. Moreover, use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the computer surveillance app. Now you can get access to the windows and MAC monitoring features and can do surveillance on the targeted devices. Let’s discuss the features of windows and MAC spy app that can monitor employees activities with compete time stamp.

Windows and MAC surveillance app features

Windows monitoring app features

Block websites

The user can remotely block the particular websites that end-user think inappropriate within the working hours of the employees. Because employees mostly use entertaining and social media websites and waste the precious working hours and at the end of the day productivity starts declining. So, employers just need to put the URLs of the websites into the filters by using the PC monitoring app and can block the websites.

User –friendly reports

The user can get the user –friendly reports regarding all the activities happen on the target windows desktop computer with a complete time stamp. The user can get the reports of visited websites, visited apps, activity logs, alarm logs and last but not least sent/received emails.

Mighty alarms

You can set the alarms on the activities of the employees that you don’t authorize them to do so. When the employees are up to on the illegal activities within the working hour’s mighty alarms will provide user instant alerts.

On-demand screenshots

The user can capture screenshots of the employees’ company’s owned windows laptop device whenever they want remotely and get to know the activities.

Real-time monitoring

Employers can get access to the target device using windows surveillance app and get to know about all the activities in real –time.

Invisible Mode tracking

The end user can get access to the target computer device running with windows OS secretly and the user will be able to know what the employees are up to.

Online & Offline tracking

The user can perform both online and offline tracking of the target windows desktop computing device and can control the activities of the employees.

MAC surveillance software

Block websites

You can block websites that employers don’t let their employees get access such as entertaining and social media websites. You can put the URLs into the filters and employees won’t be able to get access to the blocked websites.

Camera Bug

The user can remotely get control over the camera of the target device and remotely get to know who is up to the target MAC computer.


You can remotely control the target MAC laptop device MIC and can record and listen to the surround conversations.

Screen recording

Do screen recording of the MAC desktop device and get to know all the activities happen in real –time.


TheOneSpy PC tracking app is one of the best and powerful tool that empowers employees to get secretly get access to the target MAC device and let you to know the activities with complete time stamp.


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