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RAM or Random Acess Memory is one of the most important components in a desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Every system would be very slow without it or won’t work. Any program or a game in the PC or Tablet won’t perform or would cause the system to collapse and shut down. 

But how will you define a RAM? Well, it is a type of fast computer memory which stores all the information that your PC needs at the moment or soon. RAM is different from the system storage like the hard drive. In hard drives, the information is stored for a long time. But RAM is where the processor load things up that needs to be found soon. This is what makes the speed of a PC. 

There are different types of RAM variants available in the market. The future of RAM is DDR4. It is because of less energy consumed with higher clock speed. But the demand for the present RAM’s is DDR3. You can buy DDR3 online at various e-commerce websites or from the stores near you. 

Short Term Memory:

Perhaps the best definition of a RAM is a short term memory of the computer. It is storing all the information about the web browser, the game you are playing, the software you are working on so that you can access the information quickly. Data in RAM can be read from anywhere at the same speed because it is a hard-wired connection to your system. RAM is not designed to stay focused forever and moves to the next task at any moment’s notice. It forgets everything it learned. This is what makes the RAM quite efficient to handle multiple tasks at a time. 

Different types of RAM:

There are a few different types of RAM’s. The most common type of RAM in the market today is DDR4. Still, there are older systems which may use DDR 2 or DDR3. This generally means the generations of RAM used in the PC’s or laptops. These cannot be interchanged as with every generation there some physical changes in them. 

The biggest consideration while buying a RAM is the amount that is needed for your system. The least requirement of buying a RAM is the minimum amount of it needed to run the system. The requirements used by the systems nowadays are somewhat between 1 GB to 8 GB depending on how bigger the system is. 

The more the gigabytes, the more it can help with multi-tasking. With more RAM for your PC, you are going to witness improvement in the speed of your system. More amount of RAM is also very useful to play heavy games. 

Importance of RAM:

RAM is one aspect for the systems which is very important for your System. Without RAM, your PC’s, tablets, Smartphones will run too slow. Too much load on the system might even shut it down. Having enough RAM matters when you are carrying out complicated tasks like video editing and playing games on your PC. It is obvious, that 8GB RAM will cost more than a 1GB RAM but a bigger RAM will also have a bigger impact on your PC. 

Unless you are doing something big, just make sure that you have enough RAM to carry out your day to day activities on the PC. if you are looking to buy something powerful enough, they there are a wide variety of RAM with different speed and size you can choose from. 


RAM is an important aspect of a computer which cannot be denied. With a bigger RAM, you also need a bigger hard drive. You can buy HP hard Drive online as it is one of the best quality hard drives and a better combination with your RAM. more the RPM’s of Hard drive, the better is going to be the speed of the PC.


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