API Integration

As a store owner does it not get tough to handle orders on the various e-commerce websites and marketplaces? Keeping track of the stock, orders placed, shipped, delivered, returned, canceled is a time-consuming task. It can drain the energy of the store owner and leave them with little or no time to focus on the creative aspect of the business.

Ezyslips is a Gurgaon based company that provides a platform for the store owners to import their data from multiple websites and access it from a single platform. Our shipping software is a comprehensive all in one package that will help with accounting, shipping, and sending customer alerts.

OpenCart is an online store management system which is PHP based and uses HTML components, MySQL database. It supports different languages and currencies. Ezyslips provides OpenCart API Integration Services for store owners to integrate the platforms and import the data. The order fulfillment management panels will help to track and manage orders in a systematic procedure. Store owners can ship about 100 packages in just 5minutes.

  • Accounting Made Easy
    • Ezyslips has made accounting an easy job for the store owners. From invoices to reports, the taxes are calculated and printed in detail.
    • Everything is already arranged in place for the owners to access. They can use Tally software to maintain financial records.
    • Tax reports for GST and returns can be generated in bulk either on a monthly basis or a weekly basis.
  • Shipping Labels
    • OpenCart API for developers helps in easy integration of the software with the API. Ezyslips uses the documentation to seamlessly connect the platforms so that the shipping process is simplified.
    • With a single touch of a button, store owners can now print the labels or packing slips in bulk instead of printing each one individually for every order.
    • What used to take hours before gets done in minutes after the integration.
  • Import Orders
    • All the orders placed on various websites can be imported and processed from the Ezyslips platform.
    • At any point in time, the store owner will know exactly how much stock they have and how many orders they received, shipped, etc.
  • Tracking Shipments
    • When the shipments are assigned real-time tracking numbers, it becomes easy to control their movement.
    • The integration with shipping companies such as BlueDart, DTDC, FedEx, etc. make it easy to track the status or the shipments.

Ezyslips API integration goes well for carriers and sales channels for various brands and store owners. Names such as Wonder Chef, Fashion and You, M&S, R for Rabbit, Cycle Brand, and many more trust our services explicitly. The testimonials on the website from our clients prove the quality of our services.

Our API uses basic HTTP authentication. Store owners can use the Ezyslips username and password to access the information. The Push Orders API and Get Orders API enable the process of accessing information from other websites.

To know more, visit: https://ezyslips.com/home.php


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