Facebook Marketing Tools

With billions of monthly active users, Facebook boasts of being the largest social networks spread around the globe. Also, this is a popular social media platform for online marketing. With the support of the social network marketers and advertisers can easily promote their brand.

In spite of the fact that this platform offers vast opportunities to reach a huge number of clients, however, marketing your products and services cannot be working all alone. You need to focus on the right audience with the best use of specialized Facebook marketing tools.

7 Best Facebook Marketing Tools 

Taggbox Widget-

Taggbox widget is an amazing tool that pools all your posts from your Facebook page into an appealing Facebook feed. You can easily embed the Facebook feed on your website without any hassle.

Moderation- Its manual or automatic moderation feature that maintains premium content quality. It moderates irrelevant and abusive content on your website Facebook feed.

Customize- This tool makes your feed more engaging and attractive for visitors with different themes, layouts, colours, elements, designs, etc. 

Branding- Maximize your widget performance and results by adding custom posts, highlight offers, banner, sponsored posts, promotional announcements, etc.


ShortStack is another incredible Facebook marketing tool for contests and giveaways. It encourages you to effectively build and publish campaigns and integrates campaign analytics and email analytics into one platform.

This exceptional Facebook marketing tool permits you to get to ongoing experiences on device type, traffic sources, shares, views, and much more. It has a friendly UI and dozens of widgets, templates, themes and other tools. The stage additionally makes it simple to embed your promotion on your site and across channels, empowering you to gather more leads.


You can easily manage your Facebook content and user engagement with an effective tool, i.e. Agorapulse. This tool supports social listening with scheduling and publishing posts. Use this Agorapulse barometer to analyze your Facebook pages and compare them to learn about your competitors too.

It gives you a lot of reports that assist you in following your endeavours. Also, it has features for large teams, making it perfect for marketing teams and agencies. Using this marketing tool, you can respond to conversations and interact with audiences.

FanPage Karma- 

FanPage Karma is another in the line of amazing Facebook analytics tools. This tool can help you get super detailed analysis on one page by showing an overview and score for your page.

It can give you bits of knowledge on posting. With the help of their Facebook analytics tool, you can monitor endless pages and profiles. You can examine and look at key information on various pages, even those of your rivals.

Post Planner- 

Deal your posts and engagements astutely with the help of Post Planner. This Facebook marketing tool helps you find, plan and post great content. Post Planner’s recommendation distinguishes top-performing content that has the probability of most extreme commitment.

It supports you getting the desired reach in less time. Each engagement is an information point that encourages you to show signs of improvement after some time. Utilize the device to design your publishing calendar. Post Planner has content proposals composed by industry. In this manner, you can get articles and content ideas that will reverberate with your audience.


Pagemodo is an incredible Facebook marketing tool for businesses looking to add some functionality to a Facebook page. Connect with Pagemodo to make custom Facebook tabs, run contests, design a cover image, design a visual post, and even schedule posts and find content.

It gives valuable, simple to utilize analytics that encourages you to know how your posts are performing. The Pagemodo account is free to open. In any case, it has restricted highlights, and you should move up to paid plans for advanced features.

Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics-

This is an illuminating tool for profile pages and personal brands. This is a simple and speedy tool that looks through individual Facebook profiles and returns an abundance of data on you and your connections.

The data can be your posts length, types of Facebook activity, post statistics, most liked posts, weekly post distribution, etc.

Summing it up-

Everyone requires the right marketing tools and efforts to acquire an excellent grip on Facebook, otherwise, it can become quite a challenge. If you are required to build and manage your presence on Facebook, then any of the above-listed tools can be of great help.

These Facebook marketing tools can assist you with arriving at your possibilities and clients productively. Furthermore, you can also schedule your Facebook posts and track their performance to have maximum impact.

The above listed Facebook marketing tools will help you focus on your clients and also enhance the visibility and reach of your product to them. Thus reach your desired goals easily by utilizing these incredible Facebook marketing tools.


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