Linux Reseller Hosting in India

Every website requires a hosting package to place website files. There are plenty of hosting service providers in the world, who can provide as much hosting space as possible. It is known that there are different kinds of hosting packages found in the market, which can be used based on the requirement. The Linux hosting package is one of the popular options in the market because it offers extra security compared to other kinds of hosting packages.

You need to learn the features and benefits provided by every technology in hosting because it plays a vital role for you to use the maximum features of the package effectively. Linux is one of the preferred hosting compared to windows hosting because of various reasons. However, Security is a major aspect to consider because it helps websites to stay intact without being hacked.

Different kinds of Hosting

There Are different kinds of cheap Linux reseller hosting India available in the market. Now, it is time for you to choose the right package based on your necessity. If you are looking forward to enjoying the maximum amount of security without spending much money on external security resources, Linux is the answer for you. Linux and Windows hosting are provided side by side by most of the hosting service package providers because few people prefer using windows hosting over Linux hosting.

Windows comes out with a special set of features that pleases the consumer or the end-user in a different way. Nowadays, Linux is one of the popular options that people are choosing because most of the factors where windows were good at have been covered by Linux hosting service providers.

There are two kinds of major hosting services in the market

  1. Windows hosting
  2. Linux Hosting

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting and windows hosting offer similar kinds of services. But, in terms of security, Windows lacks many factors compared to Linux hosting. Not many people prefer using windows hosting in the current generation because security is one of the important factors to consider to avoid getting hacked by third-party sources.

It is important for people to look out for features before buying any product or service because it helps you enjoy more features without affecting the performance. Security is one of the crucial factors, which separates windows and Linux hosting. Since security is an important factor, Linux has taken over the control on the market for a long time now.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a fabulous option that has been used by web designers and retailers because it helps them to resell the hosting packages to various consumers. It is a known fact that most of the websites do not have a necessity of using a major amount of space in hosting packages. This could be a major loss because they would be spending money unwantedly.

Reseller hosting has helped a lot of people to save money and avoid wastage of hosting space in the server. Most web designers prefer buying a reseller hosting package because it helps them to make extra money by selling it to their clients at low costs. Web designers can sell individual packages, but instead, it helps them to make a small amount of money without compromising on the quality.

There are plenty of features found in reseller hosting packages as well. You need to know the features before buying a reseller hosting.

Features of Linux Reseller Hosting in India

  • Easy to use

Linux hosting has become a popular option for most of the people because it offers a beautiful interface to work on hosting. An effective panel in the hosting gives out every possible option for users to explore and use it based on the necessity.

This plays a vital role for users to complete the task without wasting time or resources. You can work on any programming language using the user-friendly control panel found in the hosting. The control panel or the Cpanel have helped a lot of people to create email addresses, host websites, set up multiple platforms to develop a website quickly.

  • Resell Hosting packages

A reseller hosting is generally purchased to resell the hosting package to other users in an easy way. There are plenty of users, who would prefer using a reseller hosting package because it helps them to promote the brand and use the Linux hosting to make the job easy.

The reseller hosting package has helped a lot of people to resell the hosting to make both money and reputation in the market. Since Linux offers a good amount of security, it is evident that they end up gaining a lot of reputation along with the quality of web services.

  • Round the clock support

Most of the web hosting service providers offer a channel, which helps them to give support at any given point of time. Customer support plays a vital role especially for beginners because it helps them to fix any kind of minor and major problems from time to time.

The round the clock support is ideally available over email and phone, which helps people to take support based on the requirement easily.

  • Use different programming languages

It is a known fact that there are a lot of programming languages used to develop websites of different sorts. You must know the right programming language because it helps in easing the features and the way the website is built.

Most of the best Linux reseller hosting packages provide an option to work with every programming language in the world. This helps programmers to explore more options while developing a website.

  • Cost-Effective

Linux offers a variety of features compared to the Windows hosting package. But that does not mean that the price of Linux reseller hosting India is more. The cost of the package remains the same irrespective of windows or Linux hosting package. This plays a vital role for users to pick the hosting service from time to time.

  • unlimited Linux reseller hosting

A reseller Linux hosting comes with unlimited options ideally because it helps people to work on a bigger website without hassles. A Linux Reseller hosting package comes with an unlimited hosting service that would be distributed among all users.

Majority of the websites do not consume more than 1GB of space in the worst scenario. A space of over 20GB space is more than sufficient for people to use it from time to time.

  • Uptime

It is always good to look at Linux reseller hosting plans before buying the services because it helps them to pick the right option based on the necessity. The uptime offered by the majority of Linux hosting packages is 99%, which remains the same because of less bandwidth used by the user.


People have both windows and Linux hosting packages as an option for building a website. Linux hosting package has been an excellent option for a long time because it offers both security and user-friendly resources. It is highly recommended for people to connect with a professional hosting service provider, who could help you find the best package without compromising on both cost and performance from time to time.

Author Bio : Nitin Gupta is a Digital Marketing Expert IT writer at 2Gbhosting. He is having five years of experience in the web hosting industry and explored much over the Hosting services. He is extremely passionate about writing Technic.


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