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FireTube is an outstanding application created from Android platform that turns Youtube into the MP3 audio player. Normally from any other online streaming sites and application, online videos consume a lot of data due to continuous video streaming. But with FireTube via 9apps install, you are able to listen to these Youtube videos in the audio format where the track keeps playing in the background featuring the main album art.

Here you click on the videos but your internet data gets saved due to its conversion into audio format without video streaming. It also allows users to choose the streaming quality for the videos that further acts as an added advantage for saving the data packs. Not just that, the application keep playing the audio track in the background even if the device screen is turned off as well as provides flexibility to change tracks directly from the lock screen.

Features of Fire Tube Application

  1. Clean UI

The application features a neatly organized UI with a material design that features the search bar at the top for unlimited manual keyword search along with recommendations. Below the search bar, the music videos from various artists are the featured below with the album art and the song them for direct online streaming.

On the top left corner, users can locate the three horizontal bars tapping on which they can access the Hot Tracks that are currently trending as well a the ones they have played in the recently Played section. There is also a Playlist featuring Fast Jams, Slow Jams, M83 Playlist, Fleet Foxes, 80s Playlist for easy selection and having access to millions of musical tracks.

  1. Automatic Playlists

The application for the user’s convenience creates a playlist from the latest releases of various artists, house mixes, remixes tracks, forever hits and also based on the user’s selections. However, users can themselves also create their own playlist by syncing the tracks from their device as well as the ones streamed from the application’s interface to access anytime from any android device or directly from the Firefox browser.

  1. Background Play

This is the main highlighting feature of the application, where the video tracks of Youtube when accessed from the application’s interface gets played in the audio formats eliminating the video part containing the album art and track details. As a result, users can continue with other apps easily playing the audio in the background like Mp3 player and even listen to them after the device screen is turned off. Users can switch between apps, minimize the fire tube app, or even close it turning the device screen off but the track keeps on playing.

  1. Cache Playlist

The application also allows users to listen to their streamed songs even after the internet is disconnected by clicking on ‘Enable Cache’ from Settings. This saves the streamed songs in user’s device without downloading and helps them listen online.

How to Download FireTube

  1. a) Fire Tube can be downloaded by installing the APK file from here 9apps apk download featuring the latest version.
  2. b) All android users need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings to install the application in their device.


Fire Tube till now is the best online YouTube music streaming platform for Android and is highly recommended for all music lovers.


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