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For decades, freight forwarding businesses have been in existence over the world. Since freight forwarding is such a lucrative business, many have joined the race, giving rise to competitors.

Due to the growing number of businesses, it has become difficult for most freight forwarders to be in the game and compete, while also making a respectable profit. This has in turn given rise to problems in management, accounting and customer satisfaction.

If that wasn’t enough, it is important to note that most of these freight forwarding businesses aren’t technologically assisted, which means that these companies rely on manual calculations, processing and input to be completed by a human.

Don’t most businesses rely on manual work? 

Yes, they do. But when you leave your freight forwarding business to a manual working model, there are many issues that can arise.

A list of these issues are stated below:

  • Errors in accounting, transactions and calculations. 
  • Huge amounts of work hours spent to process an order once it is placed.
  • Documents, mails and conversations aren’t properly managed or stored.
  • Exchange rate issues when you input values manually.
  • Business is heavily dependent on third parties and services.
  • Little to no branding and a lack of initiative. 

So, what’s the solution?

Manual labour is something that freight forwarding businesses have looked up to ever since the business opportunity has shown itself.

Accounting, management, processing, etc has been done by employees and the norm has supposedly stayed.

In the past decade or so, with advancements in technology, most freight forwarders have taken a different approach that lets them get swift results with something that is really easy to use and implement – a freight forwarding software.

How can a freight forwarding software help my business? 

A freight forwarding software is practically a freight management software that calculates and manages every aspect of a freight forwarding company, with an emphasis on automation and streamlined processes.

A freight forwarder software can essentially save work hours with precise solutions. This time saved can be used to process more orders, improve relations with customers or clients and look into other sections that need attention.

There’s a little problem here 

An online freight management software can work its magic and get your job done.

But, since most of these solutions were created in the past with no updates currently available, freight management companies have to intervene from time to time in order to resolve issues.

And, not all freight broker software provide added functionalities like live exchange rates, custom branding, etc. This means that you are still relying on third party software for some applications of your freight forwarding business. 

In comes Shipthis 

Shipthis is an up-to-date and future-proof freight forwarding software that makes the best out of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, material design and user experience to provide freight forwarding companies with a refreshing workflow that helps employees as well as customers. 

Some of Shipthis’ features are as follows:

  • Cloud computing, AI (artificial intelligence) and quick-processing support. 
  • Customer and employee related needs handled by an easy-to-use CRM.
  • An accounting module with a unique dashboard that checks for errors, returns live currency rates and holds transactional data in one place for easy access.
  • Your freight forwarding business gets a visually pleasing dashboard that employees can use to access relevant information in seconds.
  • Customizable web/mobile app that can be altered to fit your brand’s identity as well as the ability to send push notifications to customers for their shipment.

Shipthis is redefining modern CRM solutions 

Shipthis realized that a higher customer satisfaction rate rewards you with customer loyalty, as well as more clients for the future.

With this in mind, Shipthis created their CRM to fulfill every day needs of all freight forwarding companies. 

Even if you are currently using another freight forwarding software, you will realize that it is easy to make the switch. With Shipthis’ onboarding system, migrating to the new platform happens in a breeze. Once done, you will soon be using this new freight management software to boost the number of shipments that you make on a daily basis.

You can also get access to unified document storage, which allows you to conveniently access files and essential documents from anywhere with a drag and drop function. 

With the help of this, you can easily preview, download and share documents with employees as well as customers, whenever and wherever you may need.

Your business email can easily be linked to Shipthis’ CRM and mails can be sent based on criteria as well as roles. There are email templates that you can edit to reflect your branding.

Need a web/mobile application? Shipthis has you covered – with its customizable web and app options, you can stay in touch with customers and provide updates on their shipments and invoices. 

And the most important of them all is the single dashboard, that lets you see everything in one place, reply to customers and even monitor their credit limit!

And then there’s Shipthis accounting module 

Powered by AI and cloud computing, Shipthis’ accounting module delivers faster processing with precise results. 

Inaccuracies and errors in accounting can lead to a waste of time, loss in revenue and workplace imbalance in freight forwarding companies. 

The accounting module has banking integration, which takes care of payments, invoices and transactions at the speed of light.

A double entry system looks and cross-checks any inconsistencies so that you do not run into errors and issues. Forget sitting down and looking for minute disruptions!

And if your freight forwarding company relies on checking currency rates on another site, it can forget that too.

Shipthis provides live exchange rates for multiple currencies so that shipping cost breakdowns are easy to assess. 

With the accounting module’s advanced analytics reports, you can stay ahead of the competition with reports on your freight forwarding business’ growth rate and data points that competitors will never have access to. You can also look into trends and patterns that will help you make crucial decisions before others. 

In the end 

Shipthis is an excellent freight forwarding software that lets you take a step ahead of your biggest and closest rivals.

More revenue, shipments and happy customers can only be achieved with faster processing that only a modern freight forwarding software like Shipthis can provide. 

Visit the website and ask for a demo today!


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