Salesforce offers effective Healthcare by launching a tool for a health check. This health check app is a hands-on tool that helps you monitor the patient’s condition.

There are still a bunch of settings and parameters that an administrator can consider to enable or change thus ensuring that your user and their data remain protected. The tool helps you keep up to industry standards.The tool is an all exclusive product and brought to by Salesforce. Salesforce is giving you the opportunity to use this tool to better your health services and it is an extremely necessary tool.

Salesforce has presented you with this tool. The Health Check app scans your instance of Salesforce and also compares your security settings to that of the Salesforce and Industry standard. Salesforce helps you set this baseline for security and let you compare accordingly. The mechanism is simple and you don’t have to be an expert to use it. It first scans then compares. Salesforce health check is something of great usage and value for rehabilitation centres.

The Health Check tool builds this Baseline that is much like a comparison parameter based on which you can get a health check. The Health check tool compares your org on the pretext of Salesforce Baseline Standards. It provides you with a detailed report of the issue. It also helps you by providing the difference in setting and a quick link to edit it. The link for editing is provided to you. It divides and distributes the risks into three categories namely:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Risk

They also provide the setting along with it to meet the requirement. There are also recommendations below it as the following:

  • Password Policies
  • Session Settings
  • Network Access

The Health Check tool is one of the best things to come to the table of Salesforce. The best bit of this tool is you can fix all these settings as per the recommended Baseline and it can be done within a few clicks. This tool enables you to fix any setting within a few clicks. The other thing is that by clicking on the ‘Fix Risks’ button you will be able to adjust each recommended High and Medium risk setting by checking box. You can check the box and adjust the recommended setting. This is something that you don’t want to do blindly, as each Org is different and you may have a setting turned on/off for a specific reason. It serves the purpose of this tool. Salesforce for healthcare is one of the ways to optimise addiction centres.

The Health Check tool’s use is not restricted to just on/off either. It is much more. As the world surrounding us is innovating at a pace overwhelming for us. The need for security has increased tomany folds. The idea of extra security measures is in high demand. The tool helps you adjust and change as per what the Salesforce and industry deem to be the appropriate Baseline. The Health Check tool is a comprehensive tool that largely benefits from and to the Industry.


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