Run Air Purifier

How long to run air purifier? This is a question that obviously comes in the mind of the Air purifier users.  This is really a significant question, as overusing the purifier, you will only end up damaging the  appliance. On the other hand, using the purifiers for longer durations will produce higher power utility bills. As such, you need to determine the span of daily use of the appliance with care and consideration. Here come your guide that will enable you to take the right decision. 

The extraction rate is the most significant factor to consider

In this context, it is the extraction rate of the air purifier that deserves the primary consideration. Ideally, users should run the air through the appliance to the maximum extent possible. Though, determining the exact extraction rate for any Air purifier is not that simple thing, on an average, these units run the air through it for 72 times. This rate is sufficient to serve the purpose for the medium size spaces, if the unit is run for 10 to 12 hours a day. This is just the perfect for action areas that includes activities like sleeping, playing and working. 

Give a good consideration to the aspect of power efficiency and features of the unit

The features of the unit are another major point that you need to consider to determine the span for running the units daily. The modern air filters come with improved and advanced features that produces the best performance. As such, such purifiers need to be operated for lesser span on a daily basis. On the other hand, the power efficiency is another major point to consider.  Power efficient units will consume the minimum power input, and hence, the operating cost will always be towards the lower sides. As such, power efficient units of modern times required tobe run for lesser duration and it will operate with the minimum operating cost. 

The size of the space 

The extraction rate of an air purifier is majorly determined by the size of the space, wherein it is installed. As such, for small land medium sized spaces, you will need to run the purifier for lesser duration. On the other hand, if installed in larger spaces, you will need to run the appliance for comparatively longer span so as it produces the perfect extraction rate. 

Domestic or office spaces?

As obvious, office and commercial spaces will be functional for a part of the day and night. As such, purifiers in such spaces will be used for a part of the 24-hours time. On the other hand, you might need to run the purifier for longer hours in case of domestic spaces, as there will be continuous occupation. 

Likewise, the type of activity performed in the space is another factor that determines, how long you might need to run the purifier. Similarly, if you are in a locality that holds a humid climate, you will likely need to use the purifier for extended time. You should take the exact decision in this regard, considering all these points.


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