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The Internet matters. Social media, games, Videos everything matters. Provided, these activities are in control and do not disturb the real-life balance. But today’s tech-crazy children do not understand it and that is why we need to use parental controls.

Despite yelling, restricting and punishing kids hundreds of times, they will stay hooked to their devices. How annoying and helpless this situation is for parents!

But parental controls are game-changer. They are effective tools that offer sheltered exposure to child’s’ online activities.

What Are Parental Controls?

Parental controls are tools that help parents to monitor kid’s online activities. Not only these tools restrict but they also protect kids from various online threats.

Why parental controls are important? Why should parents use it? Well, with the increasing crime ratio and kid’s excessive device usage parents started using these means to ensure kid’s digital wellbeing.

Let’s know more about its usage and significance.

Parental Controls And Child Safety

How parental control apps ensure the kid’s online safety? How do they protect kids against various online dangers? Let’s dig deep to find the answer.

Limits Device Usage

  • Excessive screen time hinders a child’s overall growth and performance. Sometimes device addiction yields poor academic performance of kids.
  • Also, when our kids stick to the device for long hours, gradually they develop a sedentary lifestyle that results in obesity, poor postures, weak eye-sight, insomnia, lethargy, etc
  • An effective parental control app for android, helps parents to set limits to kid’s device usage. ‘Screen time control’ and ‘App time limits’ discard the lousy habits of extended device usage.

Offers Sheltered Online Exposure

  • The internet is a risky platform. Increasing crime ratio clearly indicates how our innocent kids can be an easy trap for various online scams.
  • Cyberbullying, Phishing, digital frauds, online predators, etc are probable dangers to our kids while they spend hours accessing various platforms.
  • Android parental control will give your child a guarded online exposure that keeps children safe from all these probable online dangers.
  • It empowers parents to monitor their kid’s online activities remotely. So parents are well-assured about a child’s online safety.

Discards Kid’s App Addictions

  • Are you worried about your teen’s social media app addiction? Do you think they are obsessed with different social platforms or games?
  • Use the parental control app for android to limit his app usage. With the help of such apps, you can even rescue your child from being sleep deprived, due to his late-night gaming addictions.
  • A brilliant parental control app blocks the entire device during bedtime.
  • You can block addictive apps and limit your kid from downloading any new app from the Google play store.

Ensures Child-Friendly Content

  • The Internet is full of adult and inappropriate content. Every now and then there are new apps or software that become the talk of the town due to its mature or soft-porn content.
  • How will you protect your kid from such indecent online platforms? You can’t identify the app’s content just by knowing its name and logo. Also, you can’t check your teen’s device every day to see whether he is using any such suspicious platforms.
  • Download the Android parental control app that filters age-inappropriate content or empowers you to allow only a handful of apps on kid’s devices that cater to child-friendly content.
  • There are proactive parental control means in the market that offers bespoke home screens. Wherein, only a few apps that you approve, will be on the device and all other functionalities of their phone will be restricted.

Knowing all these, the next step we parents choose to do is downloading any such brilliant parental control app. And the market is flooding with ample Android parental control apps.

How To Choose a Perfect Parental Control App?

Which criteria parents should follow while picking a parental control app for their kids? Consider these points and be webwise.

  • The app should offer all the basic parental control features with user-friendly functionalities.
  • It should be accurate and easy to use.
  • A dedicated Android parental control app should be preferred that ensures child monitoring round the clock.
  • It should be value for money.

When we consider all these points we are left with very few genuine apps that offer ultimate child safety. If you are still struggling to finalize the best parental control app for your child’s safety, we recommend the Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

Apart from all the above-discussed features, this app offers Anti-theft, SOS and GPS tracking, Call Block, etc. And the cherry on the cake is its Geofence and speed tracking feature!

On a concluding note, we suggest keeping your kids well-informed about various online scams and how a parental control app will give them a safe digital exposure.

The mutual agreement on usage of such an app will not give your child a feeling of being monitored all the time. Instead, they will cooperate and their online safety will be very easy to achieve. Appoint a parental control app as your child’s digital guardian.


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