In today’s competitive environment having an actionable insight is imperative to make the right decisions. Being a decision-maker, you already know the importance of making the calculated decisions. So, it is natural to think about digitization and how it empowers you to access information anytime and anywhere. If you are using legacy BI software or using excel sheets to rest your decisions, you already know their limitations. Can you make ad-hoc reports? Can you view information on the fly? With interesting features and dashboards, it becomes easy to rest your analysis and be informed of everything. 

With interesting features like in-memory data, advanced visualization, and dashboards Tableau has simplified the data landscape. Rated by Gartner, Tableau has become an imperative tool to rest your analysis. Tableau gives a holistic view of your data and renders information that is most valuable and often stays hidden. The dashboard highlights the important information and gives a limelight on dim areas, action pointers and room for scope. Within a span of time, you can deep dive and view useful information. 

In-built dashboards allow every decision-maker to discover new facts without any technical help. Unlike traditional BI models, you can get answers almost instantly. The conventional method of viewing data like from spreadsheets and legacy BI software has major drawbacks in holding the attention of users. The problem is further aggravated when you have to deal with the volume and density of data. 

Tableau has some interesting and industry-specific features that capture the attention of every user and help them identify patterns and colors. The stories that can be laid are endless with BI software. The range and types of data we expect will double in the coming year. So, there is an urgent need to bring one of the smart business analytics tools to simplify your data. As more and more companies are fast realizing the importance of Tableau, they have acknowledged that data visualization is the hottest trend among the curve. 

Visualizations add new meaning to data. When compared to spreadsheets and excel sheets, we can communicate vital insights in an interesting manner and catch the attention of every business user for a long span of time. 

Storytelling with Tableau software 

It is easy to identify from colors and our eyes can easily relate to them. The human brain can process information faster and identify images as text. It can easily recognize and relate to images faster. Let’s take an example of the sales target achievements, it can be illustrated with heatmaps, area charts, bar charts, bubble clouds, cartograms, Gantt chart, histogram etc. Data visualization can communicate information faster than any medium. So, it’s hard to think about any industry that can not benefit from data visualization. Be it Pharma, dairy, construction, retail, education, the benefits of using Tableau is intense. You can consult Tableau pricing consultants to give you the best licensing option corresponding to your budget and business needs. 

Discover a whole new world of data visualization with Tableau. Invest in smart and next-gen BI services and try a whole new world of insights and answer the deeper questions in real-time. In just a few clicks, even non-technical users can drill down into specific information.