How to active windows 8 for free

If you were a Windows 8 user and you want to activate your windows freely, then you can follow this content. Here we discuss about how to activate windows 8 for free. You can activate your windows 8 in many ways for free. For that, we find out the best ways to enable it. Here we discuss in 4 ways to activate your operating system. Now read the full content.

How to active windows 8 for free

If you want to active windows for free, you can see this content. For activating windows eight first, you need to install windows eight on your PC. For installing Windows 8, it required you to a minimum configuration, like 2 GB RAM, 1GHZ processor, 20 GB hard disk space and DirectX 9 supporting graphics card. If your pc has the minimum requirement, then you can easily install this operating system on your PC.  Now follow these steps.

How to active Windows 8 by the product key

First close all program to your PC, then click on the start button and find the run option and open the run. After that, you can see a dialog box and now type on the dialog box “slui 2” and click on the Enter button. After that, the activation windows will be opened, and it will be asked to submit windows 8 product key. So, copy the key from the list and submit on it when you submit the key, that time it will automatically try to activate your windows.

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How to active Windows 8 without a product key

This method will provide you to activate your windows eight without a product key. Just go to this link and copy the text. After copy the text then you need to save the file at the document. So, create a notebook file and open it. Then past the text at the notebook.

After completely past the text at the file then you need to rename the file at the “windows 8.cmd” then click on the save button. After complete all possess then, you need to open the saved file at the run as administrator option. So, click on it and wait for a few moments after few second at will completely active your windows 8. Now check it.

how to Activate Windows 8 PRO using “CMD.”

You can also activate your windows eight by using the CMD. Now follow the method. However, first, you need to go on the command prompt as an administrator. For opening the CMD, you need to click on the windows key and search “cmd” and click on it. After that, you will see a black window, and now you need to type on it the command. Now type on the cmd windows “slmgr / upk” then hit the enter button, then submit on the window “slmgr / ipk NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4” and click on the enter button. After that you need to type “slmgr / skms 1688” and again click on the enter key. For the last time, you need to submit on the box “slmgr.vbs-ato” and hit on the enter button. After completing all possess then you will entirely successful for active your windows 8.

How to active Windows 8 KMS

The Windows 8 KMS activator is one of the best windows activators right now. The team of KMS is hard work for developing KMS activator for using the new registry and injection registry path algorithms. This tool is utterly unique to compared others activator. However, now see how to activate windows eight by using this tool.

First, disable the anti-virus from your running system. It is most important things to active windows by KMS. After that now download the KMS on your PC, then open the file and install it on your system. After complete to install then, open it and click on the activate option and wait for a few moments. Now restart your PC after complete to restart your PC then you will see that your Windows 8 is activated.

I hope you will successfully know how to activate windows 8 for free. You can follow any one method for activating your windows. But remember that take your own risk. Sometimes, the activation possess will kill your system. So be careful with active windows freely.


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