Mobile App Development

Whatever is your mobile app idea, you need to understand the difference between the two major mobile app development company platforms– Apple’s App Store and Google’s play store. Before you decide to develop your mobile app for iOS or Android app development, you are required to perform user research.  

First, you need to go through the stats to know what age group of people uses what.

Mobile Usage Stats in the USA.

IPhone Android 
Total App users 62.6million 76.1 million
Average age  40 years 40 years
Average income  $85000 $61000
Average Use hours per user 64 hours 55 hours


This suggests that iphone app developers earn more than Android users. However, following the stats exactly to have a final conclusion is never a good idea. You shoud also consider other factors that influence the platform choosing decision. 

If you look into app spend stats, iphone users are likely to spend more on an in-app purchase than the Android app users. On the other hand, it is easier to get an app developed and launched on Google Play Store as compared to Iphone AppStore as they have lesser restrictions for an app publication. So, if you are looking forward to getting an app for Android uers, go ahead for making an app exclusovely for them because it is easier to develop and launch. 

Moreover, developing an app for android is an easier, quicker, and cost-effective option to begin from an MVP phase. Again, this is a decision to think, plan, and decide depending on your app nature and target audience preference. So, you should never opt for any of the platforms only because that is easier or cost effective. There are many other factors involved in the development of an app. 

Target Market based on your Location

What else makes a difference in your decision to choose the platform and defining the features is the target location. For users residing in the USA, it is quite beneficial to create an app for iOS than for android because there are sufficient iPhone users in the USA. And vice versa for locations outside the USA. 

Choosing Platform Depending On Your App Monetization Strategy

Another major aspect that should contribute to your platform decision is the monetization strategy for your mobile app. it can impact your decision to choose a mobile app idea.  If you have made your strategy to charge people when they download the app, its suggestible to go for iOS app development. 

Alternatively, if you want to earn from ads and in app purchases, it’s better to develop an app for android users. Going for android development might let you earn less directly from app purchases, but you surely would get access to an increased number of users. And, this benefits you for running ads. 

Moving ahead, if you have a bigger budget, you can go for developing separate apps for both android and iOS mobile app development platforms, empowering both users to enjoy features of both platforms. 

However, this is definitely not a suggestible option for app startups, as it might cause a lot of cost in developing an app for both platforms. Opting for developing a hybrid app can help you either. It would save you from writing two sets of distinctive codes for each platform. But then, you definitely need to plan the feature set of your app according to both types of app platforms.


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