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The Internet has become a must-have for everyone. Adults and even children need internet now. It is in our best interest to get the best and the most affordable internet connection possible. In today’s age living without an internet connection might be very hard for us. We all have our special demands for the internet. If you are a student and in need of learning skills and online education you can connect with the internet and have a wide range of tutorials and articles which will help you in your studies. If you stay at home and work online, the internet can help you in earning a lot of money if you take working on the internet as a profession. You can watch different informative programs and shows on the internet. Your children can play games and puzzles online on the internet. Having an internet connection really helps in travelling too. You can book a hotel or a flight online before you go on a trip. You can use the navigation if you are new to someplace. These are all the perks and benefits of having an internet connection.

Differences between Internet Deals:

Before we compare internet deals there are a lot of differences in different deals. You should research on the different type of internet deals. One deal is cheaper than the other but it lacks in internet speed and quality. On the other hand, one deal might give you unlimited browsing and downloading but it lacks affordable fee for internet. Every deal has its own use and customer. For students, a limited data package would be more than enough because they only need the internet for research and projects. For someone who loves movies and TV series and does a lot of downloading then an unlimited one would be needed. On the contrary, if you are a business owner and have to do lots of communication with people then high speed and unlimited data internet connection would be feasible for you. Choose the internet deal that is perfect for your situation. You should assess your situation as an internet user. 

Determine what Speed you need:

Everybody has different needs. Not everyone wants a high-speed internet connection of 100 Mb/s. if you just need emailing, web surfing, social media and SD video streaming. An internet speed of 10 Mb/s would be more than enough for you. Well if you are someone who loves gaming a lot, has a love for Netflix and needs HD streaming then an internet speed of 18 Mb/s would be feasible for you. If you are someone who is a business owner. Needs internet connection at all times.

Top class service and speed, has a lot of employees let’s say like 20+ employees then an internet connection of 100mb/s would be needed for use. It doesn’t only depend upon your usage of the internet. It also depends on how many people will use that particular internet connection. How many devices will be connected? If one to three devices are going to connect with that internet connection then a 10mb/s internet connection will do just fine. For 5-6 HD streaming connection and gaming, a 30mb/s connection would be more than enough. But if you are some small business owner then an internet connection of 100Mb/s would be enough.  The thing is it really depends upon your usage and users, make the best use of your money and only but that internet connection which is feasible according to your needs and you can easily afford it. 

Use Bundles:

If you use your internet and combine it with your phone and TV and make a bundle then you’ll really get a lot of money-saving. A single connection costs like nearly 50 dollars then a double connection will cost you 90 dollars and a triple connection from the same company will cost you like 110 dollars or around that figure. It really is good for salary people who barely make it through their checks. It is an easy way to save money. Many people use these bundles to save money on these connections.

If you bundle your digital TV with your phone connection and internet connection then you will surely save a nice chunk of your income. You can spend that saving into some other expense. We already have a lot of expenses to pay then why we should pay any more on services like internet, TV and phone connections. Maybe you will thank me later when you save a lot of dollars when you use bundles on my recommendation. What can I say? Except that I am of great help to you. I know I am. You are welcome already. 

Buy your Router:

Instead of renting your router you should buy your own router. It is a really good investment and you’ll see why. With a great router machine, you will experience the best out of your internet connection. You will find out that it maximizes your speed. A good router is a must-have if you are a regular internet user. You should know that most companies don’t use a good router it has flaws in it. They use used and not worthy routers which are really old and hence they downgrade and cut down your internet speed.

Moreover, if you rent your router from your internet connection provider company you will most likely pay up to 10 or 15 dollars per year. If you are in contract with that company to let us say 2 years. That rent amount will add up to like 300 -350$ which is a lot of amounts for a salaried person to pay on an internet connection. A good and worthy internet router which will not cut down your internet speed and it will provide you with the maximized speed at all times will cost you around a 200 dollar. That is not really a lot considering the money you will be saving on different things. Internet is an important thing for everyone. I know it is a must-have but you don’t want to spend a lot of them. You should always be looking for best internet deals of 2019. Search this on Google. 

Negotiate with your Internet Provider:

You don’t have to be a businessman or lawyer or very fast spoken salesperson to negotiate with your internet service connections provider. You can say that I am getting a better deal in this money from a different provider. They are not very tough to crack just be persistent and consistent if you need that deal in the best affordable rates man. I mean should also be prepared to leave that company behind if you are going to get a nice deal somewhere else. Don’t only threaten to leave your company, you should leave that company if that company is overcharging you. They will come back to you with a new deal. What are they going to do with all that internet? They are here to sell that internet not only keep it. And keep one thing in mind that you have to extra polite to that customer service provider. They will not entertain you if you keep your loud voice gets in way of negotiating.


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