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Instagram is an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that allows users to share and upload photos in the Instagram community or through social networks. Getting more followers is important to improve your Instagram appearance, but getting started may be difficult. See step 1 to make good photos, interact with the community, and other ways to increase your follower count.

Follow a similar account.

Instagram is a community and you will get more followers if you participate in the community. This interacts even further than just uploading photos. Look for people who post interesting pictures for you. Follow their account. That way you can see the photos they just posted.

Don’t follow everyone you see or your Instagram page will be too full for you to understand. Limit yourself to only follow those whose accounts you find interesting.

Give likes and comments on the picture. 

After you start following some people, give them time to like and comment on their photos. This will not only make other people feel happy, but they and others will also see your name or comment and then see your profile. If you stay active, this method will provide a steady stream of new followers.

Give a response to the comments given on your image.

Interact with your own followers to maintain it. Respond to interesting comments and thank you for the compliment. If your followers ask interesting questions, give them time to answer them well.

Ask questions to your followers. 

Use photo captions to ask questions to your followers. This will make them comment so that the comments section of your photo will appear more active and attract more people to see your photos.

Consider offering invitations, like “Like if you find this picture funny” or “Share your story.” This kind of invitation will trigger other people’s interactions with your photos.

Connect your Facebook account.

Instagram is currently owned by Facebook and you will lose many potential followers if you don’t connect the two. All posts on your Instagram will be published on Facebook too, so your photos will be exposed twice.  

You can connect your account through the settings menu on Buy Instagram likes UK.

Fill in your information.

 Your personal information on Instagram is often ignored when in fact it is a very important part of your Instagram account. Let others know who you are and why they should follow you. Include some hashtags that are related to the theme of your Instagram account.

Your personal information can also be used to place a solicitation on your followers or anyone who sees your profile.

Find out popular hashtags as your choice. 

Hash tags are short sentences that explain and categorize images. Hashtags will help people find your picture, and incorporate your image into current trends. Using hashtags is very important to reach wider Instagram users.  

Instagram is an excellent tool for finding the hashtags that are the most popular today.

Add a few other hashtags to each of your images.

 Add some hashtags that best describe your image. Try to limit the number of hashtags to a maximum of three. If you use too much hashtag, your followers will feel that your image is spam

Create your own hashtag.

 If you have a large number of followers, you can try to make your own hashtag. You can use your company name or the slogan used in many of your photos. This will help you brand your Instagram account, and generate a closer community.

Mark the location of your photo. 

Instagram users are more interested in photos from locations they know. In addition, when you mark the location of your photos, Instagram will show other photos from that location.

Other users who post photos from the same location will see your photos and may see your account, so you will have a greater chance of getting new local followers.

Use the hashtag “Like for Like”.

If you want to try and increase the number of likes for your photos, you can use the more popular exchange hashtags, such as “# like4like” or “# like4likes”. Just make sure that you really like someone after he gives it to your photo.

Some people think that this method is a “dirty” tactic, and you might lose some followers if you use this hashtag too often.

Although this tactic can provide new followers, note that they only follow you to get more likes on their own photos, and not because they are really interested.

Take unique and interesting photos.

Although it may sound obvious, one way to get more Buy Instagram followers UK is to take good pictures. Instagram is filled with images of food and cats, so give a different picture to the picture.

Try taking pictures related to your target follower. If your target feels connected to the picture you took, then they will be more likely to follow you.

A good photo doesn’t have to be a “perfect” photo. A good photo that looks humane and imperfect will help add value to the feelings of those who see it.

Limit “selfie” photos. Everyone likes to post selfies every time, but you can’t let this photo dominate your Instagram. Most followers don’t want to see you; they want to see your photos. Posting selfies continuously can make you look narcissistic, and can make you lose followers. The exception to this rule, though it may be sad, is if you are interesting. You can get lots of followers by posting interesting photos of yourself. But even so, don’t let this photo dominate your Instagram account!

Use filters. Instagram is popular because there are various filter options in it.

 This filter will adjust the colors in your photo, so it looks more real. Instagram has a variety of filter options, so don’t be afraid to try multiple filters at once to find a suitable one for your photos.

Avoid using the same filter constantly, or your photos will look boring.

If the photo looks interesting without a filter, the hashtag that is popular on Instagram is #no filter. Use it!

Give an explanation on each of your photos. 

A good photo explanation can change an ordinary photo into an extraordinary one. This photo explanation can attract the attention of people who see it, and if you can make them laugh or smile with this explanation, then you will get more followers. Jokes and funny explanations are very widely used on Instagram.

Use other applications to increase your control of your Instagram account.

 Although you can edit your photos a little on Instagram, there are currently many applications available for both iOS and Android that can give you even more choices. Use this application to brighten, darken, cut, add text and more.

Popular editing applications include Photo Editor by Aviary, After light, Bucketful, and Overgram.

Make a collage. 

One interesting way to show the development or collection of photos is to make a collage and post it to Instagram. There are several applications that allow you to create them, including PicStitch, InstaCollage, and InstaPicFrame.

Post your photos at the right time. 

Instagram is a very popular service and your follower page will be constantly updated with new photos. If you want most people to see your photo, then you need to post it at the right time. The best time to post photos is in the morning and after work hours. 

Instagram photos can usually last for 4 hours on someone’s page, so avoid posting at midnight or your followers might miss them.

Post in a certain amount of time.

If you have several photos that you want to post, divide them into several days. If you post too many at once, your followers will probably miss it. On the other hand, if you don’t post enough photos, it will be difficult for you to retain your followers and attract new followers.


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