How to Improve the User Experience on Its E-Commerce?

The customer experience differentiates itself from the user experience by a more complete relationship established with the company. Indeed, unlike the simple visit to the site, the customer will perform the act of purchase and will therefore exchange more extensively with the platform. The consumer experience is therefore different from the experience using a more extensive use of the site.

An analysis of the customer experience should help you improve your conversion rate. Indeed, it means that the person has not been up to the act of purchase and that, thanks to this analysis; you will determine the brakes on the purchase on your site. To improve this conversion rate, an important factor has emerged over the last few years, customization. The prospect has a growing expectation towards the support you offer him on your site.

What Is The User Experience?

The user experience represents the route that a prospect has made on your site without performing the act of purchase. This is what differentiates it from the customer experience. The brakes on the purchase are of different natures. They can be linked to:
The ergonomics of your site

To content

The trust you are given

To the support that you offer to your prospects

The possibilities of payment

Delivery times and charges

Your site, above all, must be well referenced. Indeed, to visit it still has to find it. That’s why it’s important for you to be present in the first Google proposals and other search engines. For this you can check our article on SEO. In this article it is also advisable to integrate a blog annexed to your website.

This blog will allow you to retain your customers by giving advice on your products or news about your area of ​​activity. This will also help you to be referenced and bring prospects via your blog.

The website must then be fast but also responsive. This will allow you to host prospects browsing PC, tablet or phone without worry of display. The ergonomics of the site is also essential.

It is better for you to use images especially on your blog to facilitate the reading of your visitors. A block of text does not often engage in reading especially on small formats such as laptops. In addition, visuals will help to accentuate your writings and returns more pleasant rendering.

The trust that will be granted by your prospects is based on what you will release and therefore also on the appearance of your site, but not only … Your notoriety on social networks but also your SEO on the search engines will also play a vital role in this process.

The Interest of Analyzing Your Data?

Data is the most important tool for analyzing and understanding the expectations and needs of your visitors. You will be able to know when and why they did not perform the act of purchase. This will allow you to optimize your site and put in place a strategy to avoid and minimize basket abandonment. Did you know that biggest e-commerce store like having a big opportunity to buy best furniture online?

This data will allow you to know where your prospects come from and which process generates the most clicks. Then you could, again, define the strategy to adopt. Depending on when your prospects will give up the purchase, you will then, again, know what points are to improve. Whether it’s the payment method or delivery time or method.

At another time, you can analyze this data when you carry out promotional or other campaigns. This will allow you, once again, to see which communication channel is the most relevant and effective for voting activity.

The data also allows you to analyze the basket of your customers and therefore to cross-sell, i.e. suggestive sales. You can then better understand the desires of your customers and associate certain products. The introduction of suggestive sales allows an increase in turnover of 30%.

Evolve To a Customer Experience

One of the key factors right now is customization. It is therefore important to increase your conversion rate, to carry out a particular accompaniment of the customer. He must feel guiding when navigating your site. This will make it easier to order but will also increase the trust it places in your site.

In addition, 88% of prospects look at customer reviews before making the purchase. It is therefore essential for your turnover that your customers are satisfied with the service offered. This is also the case for your payment and delivery solutions. These two elements are the two main factors of basket abandonment.

You also need to create an added value to your site including the insertion of a blog integrated to your site. This will keep your community loyal to your platform. Staging your products on your blog will also allow you to communicate on the use of your products but also to place once again suggestive sales , allowing, again, to increase the average basket of your customers.

How to Collect Data

To be able to analyze and estimate the best strategy to adopt and the tools to put in place on your site still need to have the data. For this, having a feedback on your prospects and customers is essential. For this, you can ask your visitors, when browsing, to subscribe to your newsletter. However 80% of the commercial mails sent are not open. It is therefore important to play on the proximity.

It is in this perspective that social networks intervene and allow you to exchange quickly, simply and spontaneously with your community. You can then collect a lot of information via these different platforms. The data provided by these media are often more realistic because they are spontaneous and do not intervene after a question asked.

The user experience must allow you to improve your platform and your services in order to acquire new customers and to see the different elements that slow down the purchase. This will allow you to increase your conversion rate. For this the analysis of the data and therefore paramount. This will allow you to establish the changes to be made but also to understand the shopping journey of your customers.


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