Do you employ parental control software to discipline kids?

Parental control software for Android devices has shown tremendous demand, in the last few years. Parents blindly trust kid safety apps to protect kids from online dangers and digital threats with Digital parenting style. Let us find out why parents rely on these innovative apps.

Why Do Parents Need to Keep A Close Eye on Kids?

As kids grow up and learn to use technology, they also start exploring more options. Options can be in the form of devices, interests, contents, etc.

With peer pressure growing in the background, kids start penetrating unauthorized zones and search for inappropriate content. As they get exposed to inappropriate content, children get addicted to them and waste a huge chunk of their productive time on these apps.

Most kids find excitement and entertainment in the following type of cell phone activities:

  •    Action games or games with adult content
  •    Dating apps, not meant for younger kids.
  •    Social media exposure
  •    Porno videos and sexual content
  •    Content related to drugs & medicines
  •    Adult cartoons
  •    A rated Movies
  •    Apps that encourage chatting with strangers
  •    Live streaming and chatting apps

The issue is kids have a habit of learning very quickly. They apply everything they see.

Responsible adults need to confirm that kids do not get exposed to such content at an early age or without parental guidance because they are not prepared to process such contents.

The repercussions of such contents are not at all healthy, especially when the brain is still under development.

So, what can parents do to keep a close watch kid’s mobile activity?

How Can Parents Look After Kids’ Mobile Activities?

Here are a few tricks and tips that will assist you in monitoring your kid’s mobile activities to a large extent:

  1.    Keep A Central Device– When kids are compelled to use a central device, it is easier to track what kids are up to. Another advantage of having a central device is that your kids will not dare to watch any indecent content in fear of getting caught.
  1.    Check the history of the device – When your kids are done with their online activities, always check their browser history to find out what kind of websites they usually visit. If your kids are on the smartphone or tablet, then check for the apps that are opened using the overview button.
  1.    Position the device where it is visible– The dining area or the living room is the best place to set the devices. Why? These areas are always crowded with people or family members, no matter what.  

Again, coming back to the same point, to avoid getting caught kids will refrain from inappropriate content.

  1.    Talk to your kids– Very often, when you connect with your kids at their level and understand their point of view, you will be astonished to notice that kids open up about their personal life. Word of caution: Listen to them; do not react!

The most important thing is to let kids speak their heart out. Always understand their viewpoint before you offer any feedback or take measures.

  1.   Probe kids as if you didn’t know that– This trick always works! Educate yourself on what’s trending amongst kids – what they do online, which apps do they prefer and what websites they visit? Also, talk to other parents and casually ask questions regarding the likes & dislikes of other children.

Now, when the opportunity arises, speak to your kids and probe them about these trends. Speak to them, as if you are still trying to learn about the new apps or contents.

How can Parental control apps help in controlling mobile activities?

Play along with us for a moment.

Let’s say you are walking into the house and your kid frantically shuts down the tablet. Fishy, right? Your first doubt will be that your child is up to something online that they are hiding.

Let’s take another situation where you walk into the house, and your child is waiting for you to activate the device. As soon as you activate it, your child will feel obliged to sit beside you and work on only necessary & appropriate tasks like gaming, approved social media apps, educational videos, cartoons, etc.

The latter case is possible with the parental controls. Yes, you heard it right! Parental monitoring and control software is the key to reduce kid’s unnecessary mobile activities.

Parental control for screen time is an efficient way to restrict screen time. Parents can simply set a time period between which kid’s device is deactivated, or alternately specific apps are deactivated.

Another innovative feature designed by the Bit Guardian Parental Control App is the Kiosk Mode. Your child will be able to see only a limited set of essential apps, and all the other apps will be hidden. Even if the kid tries to download a new app, parental control kiosk mode will not allow installation.

Technology is changing every minute; in fact, some of you will agree that it turns every second these days. Although kids should stay abreast with the new technological advancements and at the same time, it should not impact their cognitive development process (sadly, it’s happening today!).

To ensure kids enjoy a healthy and gadget-free childhood, parents need to install the best parental control software and monitor kids’ digital activities.


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