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Whether it’s a printed book or an e-book, it’s easy enough to publish yourself today. The biggest challenge is marketing and sales.

One of the disadvantages of entering a fermenting market is strong competition. Promoting a book is all about making people find your book and not finding people for your book.

Why Learn How To Make A Review Of A Book?

Similar to the stars for a restaurant, a good review of a book can attract people to your masterpiece. As an author, your book is your product and one of the ways to attract potential buyers is through brilliant reviews spread by word of mouth.

Video Animated Reviews of Books

The reviews of animated books are a trend today. While your audience obviously loves reading, the attraction of a visual creation is stronger than the text written from the sales point of view. Graphics and advertising images are more likely to be remembered than advertising words.

The preference of most consumers to watch rather than read led to the explosion of videos about content marketing. Research has shown that when it comes to Lead Generation and conversions, video is king. Note that this is an animated video. Many people hate talking to sellers – which is the equivalent of a half-length in a movie clip. Animated videos are engaging cartoon-style illustrations that offer a more exciting way to tell people what your book is about.

Before creating an animated review of a book, consider these numbers:

  • 65% of people learn through sight
  • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • People process visual information 60,000 times faster than text
  • YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video a month
  • 50% of executives look for more information after watching a video about a product / service.
  • Facebook has an average of over 4 billion videos streaming per day
  • 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.
  • 1/3 of all online activities is spent on watching videos
  • Landing pages with embedded videos increase 80% conversions.

If you’re still relying solely on traditional media, then you’re missing out on the benefits of having videos as part of your content marketing strategy.

The Advantages of Video Animated Reviews of Books

With thousands of competing videos to get the viewer’s attention, it can be hard to make your book noticed. Another boring presentation cannot simply make its way amid all the rest, but an animated video can.

The animation keeps the spectator engaged. Video animation is a collection of images and sounds that are placed in a particular sequence so that one scene creates anticipation for the next. This keeps the viewer glued to the story and with a little luck will decide to buy your book.

Animation gives life to your message.

A text or a live video cannot blow up, speak or fly the characters. Animation takes shape from complex concepts and gives it life through an immersive audio-video experience.

Animation is fun.

The cartoon format of a whiteboard animation attracts the masses – no matter the age, sex, or educational context. The more your video will be fun, the more people will share it on social media.

How to Make a Review of a Book with an Animated Presentation

  • Look for good animation software
  • Choose a theme if you are not a professional animator
  • Collect photos or illustrations of the book
  • Record the audio review
  • Set the sequence on a timeline
  • Keep the short video
  • Save and export your animated review of the book

Video animation appeals to emotions and reaches a wider audience on a relatively low budget.

It is a powerful marketing tool that can make your book review more fun, exciting and that deserves to be seen.


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