Yahoo Account Hacked

Security of the Yahoo email account has been the primary concern for users. Keeping the account safe should be your number one priority. If you think that your Yahoo mail account has been compromised or hacked, immediately you need to take measures to counter the hack.

Don’t ever take it too easy and contact Yahoo customer support if you have to. Because keeping your email data safe should be your first priority. 

If you think that someone is trying to hack or access your account, there are some important steps you need to take to prevent it.

But, to keep your account safe and secure you must know the warning signs of account compromise or hack.

Signs of a hacked Yahoo account

Always be aware of these small things that can protect your account and prevent hackers from getting access to important information stored on your account.

Here are the signs of a hacked Yahoo account.

  • You’re not getting any new emails
  • Your mail automatically sending spam emails to your contacts without your knowledge
  • Logins from unexpected locations, check your recent activity page
  • Your mail settings or filter settings might be changed without your knowledge

These could be some of the signs that could signal you that someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account.

To keep it secure you can take certain steps and here is a list of them.

Pro tip: If you suspect that your account is hacked then you should immediately contact Yahoo support phone number and change the password for your account.

Change the password

The first thing you need to do is change the password of the suspected hacked Yahoo account. Changing the password on the Yahoo account is quite simple, just follow these steps if you are new to the Yahoo ecosystem.

  • Login to your Yahoo account
  • Click on the settings gear at the top right corner of the Yahoo mail page.
  • Select Settings and then choose Accounts from the left sidebar.
  • Now, in the accounts section click on change the password.
  • Enter a new password and confirm it.
  • Now, you click on the ‘Save’ button to save the new password.

Review your email settings and Filters settings

Hackers may change your filter settings or mail settings to disrupt the normal service on your account. So, access your mail account and check all those settings and change some of them if necessary.

Right after you’ve changed the password you check all the filter and mail settings. You need to look for email filters, sending name, email signature, reply-to address, vacation response message, blocked addresses, default sending addresses, and auto-forwarding addresses. If anything looks out of place or unusual immediately change those settings.

If this solves your issue then it’s good and if not then you might feel the need to contact Yahoo customer service. The support team will be able to help you with your issues without any delay or problem.


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