How Travel Technology Company Is A Part Of API Integration Process ?

Travel sector is dispersed in various sectors and integrating that sector is what brings huge benefit. It majorly involves a bus, flight and hotel booking. Processing of updated information cannot be possible for a travel agent without selecting the right travel API provider. API basically means Application Programmable Interface which is needed to be integrated into the booking system.

Travel API actually develop an understanding of how different applications interact with each other. For both B2B and B2C companies the essence of GDS integration, XML/API integration is huge. Without right integration updating information on the portal becomes a complicated process.

Collecting data from individual stakeholder in the travel industry is a kind of trouble in itself. It is quite understanding that every business need is different. Using API offers flexibility for modification in a product. There is no doubt API saves much more time and starts delivering information once info base is developed. A complete travel portal always involves API integration performed by travel technology company India.

The company provides support for its clients in analysing their business needs and which API is best. The online product and service selling experience become simpler than earlier. So API integrates flight, bus, hotel API into the system along with payment gateway. This ensures easy exploration, selecting the right option and pay online services for customers.

Guide For Selecting Best Travel API Provider

The number of the API service provider is huge. Selecting the right one requires the best guidance. To overcome this issue here are best travel API’s prevailing in the market

Skyscanner API

Skyscanner API is renowned as a remarkable flight API with the usage of Google Flights API’s. This API allows customers to look for good flight option and various fares from Skyscanner info base. Customer may also receive live prices from ticketing companies.

Skyscanner Endpoints Are

  • Browse Dates – This is for finding the lowest rate date for particular destinations.
  • Browse Quotes – This is for lowest price exploration.
  • Browse Routes – This is for the shortest route with the lowest fare.

Skyscanner API Key can be accessible on RapidAPIKey with no cost.

Awardwallet API

The Award Wallet API is suggested as an Email API by a travel technology company. This is developed to bring out travel plans by analysing an Email. Once an Email is received completed with travel plans, Award Wallet API separates the necessary details from the mail.

This API has an individual point only such as

AwardWallet – Email Parsing – Travel Plan Data Retrieval.parseEmail: This is an instruction to separate information and other necessary data from Email. The charges are applicable on this API as per different plans

Flight Booking API

This is a brilliant API offers the end user updated information on fare and flight availability which ensure timely booking. Along with this it also provides a permit to airlines and different GDS associates information.

The Endpoints Are:

  • Flight Bookings./sandboxapi/flights/v1.1/search.
  • Flight Bookings.Issue: This command produces a ticket number for every ticket reserved by the final user.
  • Flight Bookings.Price: This command uses in searching for flight fares and developing an information base for the individual traveller.

Travel API provider of flight booking API allows only basic plan for a user which is free of cost. Through this API the users can perform end number of flight search and it does not take any cost on company behalf.

Travel Time API

Through Travel Time API which is developed by MapFruition helps the user in measuring time duration between two destinations. Also, a virtual representation on the map can also be seen. A user can check the presentation for different transport. This supports a user to calculate their travel time and what else falling in their route.

The Endpoints Are:

  • Travel Time.Travel Time Area: This command creates the measure for travel time on the map and it will end for 1 hour.
  • Travel Time.Travel Time P2P: Holds a limitation of 1 hour. Enable a final user to receive points to touring duration.
  • Travel Time.Travel Distance Area: it is restricted to 90 miles and develops a representation of travelling distance.

Charges are applicable to use this API which is based on the plan to plan basis.


The Travel API’s are the foremost need for travel companies to offer remarkable services to their customers. The list does not end here. There are many more API’s in the market but these are the best API.


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