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The Internet is a web of technical-making – from codes to various kinds of scripts, each website is created with quality coding that make them each unique and different. The endless net of the interwebs which are created out of interwoven and encrypted information is something that ends up giving a website its identity. However, that’s not the only factor that makes a website unique, in fact, professionals work day and night to make every website they create to look different.

Then again, how many designers are actually there that does not depend on basic styling tools and try to add their own touch in each website they create? Certainly, it might not be the easiest thing to do but nobody said that there are not ways through which you can add a more personal style to your work. In fact, we have listed down ways that you can use to make your website have a unique touch to it.

1.    Make it Authentic:

While freehand drawing may only seem like something you would use for drawing or film-making purposes, sketched elements are an excellent way to showcase your design’s personality and also give it a sense of authenticity. A more humanized content/design creates trust between the user and the creator.

2.    The Hand-drawn Look:

Hand-drawn content is the one that people like to look at in 2019. Not only does it show a sense of personality but it also gives an at-home feeling to people who will be viewing your website. Creating a unique experience for your visitors based on your brand or products is essential in gaining their attention.

Which is why many designers prefer using Balsamiq as it does a good job of portraying the friendly designs that users would prefer. Although its features may be a fit advanced for some beginner designers, it is certainly something to look forward to if you want to impress your visitors. In fact, it will give them a ride to memory lane. And while it does the work of impressing your audience, it also helps to prove your authenticity.

3.    Recognition:

Just like having a unique fingerprint, many designers have a different way of designing. The key idea behind this is that the more people recognize your work as an original, the more trust they will build towards whatever you make. Moreover, something that reveals a slight human touch is difficult to re-create digitally, which means that whatever you create will be recognized as your work. This will do the trick of drawing people into your website to appreciate the type of content you have made.

For example, Notepad++ has an eye-catching logo design. The chameleon not only perfectly defines the functionality of the system but also draws attention to its cute presentation. The chameleon drawing creates a sense of recognition so that users do not confuse it with some other editing application.


Of course, when creating a design or a logo, giving them a personality is a must. The reason is that they help in authenticate and connect users to them. Furthermore, a hand-drawn content is more prone to attract the attention of the audience than a digitally made one. This confirms to your audience that the content really is made by a human than a robot, thus, making it more trustworthy.

For example, Instagram’s logo shows a camera. While giving the logo a classic and professional look, the camera also creates a specific type of personality in front of its users. People who download the application know exactly what they are downloading just by looking at the logo. Moreover, it is attractive.

5.    Relevant Information:

Obviously, a personal touch is not only about how you design the elements of a website or a logo but also depends on what type of content you are showing to your audience. People are drawn to information that may be useful to them or something that draws their attention. After all, the kind of content you present to your audience will promise their return.

For example, people who are interested in skincare will be drawn to content that refers to anything that is related to skincare or cosmetics. Similarly, if the information is clear and relevant then it will pique a user’s interest more.

6.   Trust:

Other than attracting the audience with content and hand-made works of art, trustworthiness is also essential. After all, at the end of the day, your audience does not know who is sitting behind the website that they are visiting. By showing them some sort of authenticity, only then you can win their trust. People will trust you based on how your product or services are in quality as well.

Furthermore, making sure that your users feel comfortable on the Internet is also very important. Nobody wants to visit formal, stoic and anonymous websites anymore. Instead, they want to visit a website that makes them feel comfortable and feels trustworthy. By letting them know about your privacy policy and what your website is about, only then will your website be successful. contact webmization for a flawless design that gives your website a personal touch.


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