HP Laptop vs Dell Laptop

When it comes to the world of laptops in India, you can come across many established as well as emerging models. HP and Dell are two of the leading laptop brands that have a large market share in India. 

HP Laptop vs Dell Laptop

Many people consider the notebooks from HP and Dell while buying a laptop. But, you may also be confused about which one to buy and which not among those brands. 

Hence, if you are planning to buy a laptop and confused if HP or Dell is better, then this post can help you decide better.  

Why choose Dell?


  • Components


Dell manufactures a diverse range of laptops, and hence, they use different processors, including Intel and AMD. Dell mostly seems to favour dual-core processors in their budget devices and quad-core in premium models. 

The screen size of a Dell laptop that you can get is from 11 to 17 inches with the smaller screen not being full HD, but some larger ones being. The battery is another factor in buying a laptop and Dell laptops come with 3-cell batteries in their machines. Hence, it may not provide you with a long backup compared to other batteries. 


  • Price 


When it comes to the pricing factor, Dell laptops have always been competitively priced. As a result, if you are on a limited budget, then you can consider buying from their range. Overall, the company has a diverse range of laptops to suit many budgets, right from basic notebook machines to high specification gaming ones. 


  • Customer support 


Talking about customer support, Dell is one of the best brands globally to deal with. All laptops are sold with a warranty, which the organization provides and covers up without issues. You can get your problem resolved by calling the Dell Technical Support. They will assign you a personal assistant to fix the issue. They can also remotely diagnose an issue and try to troubleshoot from a distance. If nothing works, then you can take your Dell laptop to an authorized service/repair centre to get it done. 

Why Dell stand out?

They offer multiple types of machines in the market to suit the needs of people looking for one under many pricing points. It makes one of the USPs of the Dell is being one of the better laptop brands in India and elsewhere. 

Why choose HP?


  • Components 


Just like Dell, even HP manufactures multiple types of machines to match the needs of many customers under different pricing points. HP makes the use of both processors such as Intel and AMD in its line of machines. The speeds of the HP laptops are also good. 

Lower-priced HP machines come with Intel HD graphics which offers handy performance. In highly-priced and gaming devices, HP not fits the latest generation of processors and NIVIDA processors for great performances. 

Talking about the screen size of HP laptops, you may come across models ranging from 13 to 17 inches. The screen resolution of the budget-priced devices is average and is top-notch in the premium or expensive models. 

When it comes to the battery capacity of HP laptops, it is excellent, and you can expect a backup of 5 to 12 hours. The final backup capacity will depend on the machine that you buy. HP uses 3-cell as well as 4-cell batteries. They are considered reliable if you used correctly. 


  • Price 


When pitted against Dell machines, HP laptops are considered a bit expensive. It is because some of the components fitted in such machines are costlier than Dell. Hence, the expense is passed on to the customer to bear. 


  • Customer support 


HP lets a customer reach its customer services via many modes. All HP laptops come with a one-year warranty against hardware issues/failures, including 90-day free phone support. 

You can also use social media to get in touch to simply use the HP Support Assistant. You can also call them. HP also has a YouTube channel showcasing videos that you may go through to know how to rectify some common issues. 

Overall, the phone support is that great as compared to one being extended by Dell and most of it is outsourced. Hence, you may have to bear and wait for a large period to get the issues resolved. 

Why HP stand out?

HP has continued manufacturing stylish laptops at affordable prices. Right from a budget notebook to 2-in-1 touchscreen options, you can pick an HP laptop. 

Also, the in-detail attention of the company to machine features like ports and sound quality makes it one of the best brands. 

Some of the aspects of both Dell laptops and HP laptops are discussed. You are now in a better position to pick a device from any of the brands as per your needs. 

Buying a laptop may hurt your expenses if you plan to pay the full price upfront.

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