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Influencer marketing is a popular marketing concept that can bring new big deals. With the significant growth of social networks in recent years, it has given a unique place. We are seeing the emergence of more and more new strategies used by companies in these networks. So that they can easily and efficiently reach their customers.

Influencer marketing is a fairly new form of marketing and it is growing rapidly. Yet what exactly? There are many marketers who are following the current role of influencers. They also track future marketing and business strategies. In this section of the research, the influencer brings a verse on marketing development. A development with unlimited marketing possibilities. Many are already implementing and working. But many of them are still unaware of it. 

So influencer marketing strategy could be your next big deal? How can effective marketing help your business marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at it. Hopefully, you can learn deep marketing things from the article. Continue reading until the end of the post. 

What Is Influence Marketing? 

With the initial definition, we can say, influence someone to get something with a promotion purpose. It can be paid or unpaid. Effective marketing is a unique form of marketing that involves influencers. 

The person’s position, location, or media exposure can affect customer behavior. The influence of this market usually comes from the skill, popularity, or reputation of the person. Impact marketing is like word of mouth marketing. Yet it does not rely on explicit recommendations alone. 

The influences can come from many different places. Any individual, group, brand, or position can be potentially influential. For example, celebrities are often used to market products because they are valued and visible. 

Bloggers have become significantly more influential when seen as real. It can be a YouTuber or TikToker or Instagram person. When they recommend a product, it seems more credible than conventional advertising. And it is easy to get more customers towards the brands and services. 

The Impact Is Redefining The Form Of Marketing Change. 

We are no longer exclusive to traditional advertising. For success in promoting information on social networks, brands must bet on cooperating with influential people. 

In recent years, advertisers have shifted to fair promotion and social media activities. The rules of communication have been broken. It happened to create a sense of satisfaction among customers who have not been requested so much in the digital field. As confirmed by the powerful use of ad blockers, consumers trust influencers’ messages more than the brand’s supplied ads. 

A recent study titled “Advertisers: Influential Marketing and Their KPIs” conducted by top influential brand Tech-Reech indicates that 65% of the brands surveyed ran an impressive campaign in 2019, up 15% from the following year. But how will they move forward? What will be the preferred collaborative approach and impact marketing trends in 2020? 

Influencer Marketing Platform Has A Bright Future With Content Creators. 

Creativity and talent influencers will occupy a big place in impact marketing activities. Indeed, if an influential 2019 manages to combat the fatigue phenomenon seen among clients with creative talent, a very good photographer can be his best example. Miscellaneous and less repetitive lectures will also be expected. 

Influencers will benefit from a variety of content and platforms. Blogging, posting links on Twitter, uploading written content to social media like Facebook. Also, streaming videos on YouTube, participating in podcasts on iTunes, posting photos, and especially creating stories on Instagram. Yesterday, influencers were approached primarily for their delivery skills, tomorrow they will be asked for their creativity above all else.

Data-driven Influencer Marketing 

That means driven by data in marketing. It is possible to find content creators that match the brand’s needs and goals and their expectations. Not just relying on quantitative criteria such as community size. Companies will use technology to match the best influencers. 

They carefully study their profile by analyzing the characteristics of their followers. Such as age, location, interest, and other data hosts. Influencer marketing optimization involves the combination of the appropriate use of information and a strong sense of creativity.  It can be assisted by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The device doesn’t do everything, but much more than impressive data.  

The choice of content formats is essential … Instagram StoryScape has been growing in popularity since its launch in August 2011. This format has been gradually integrated into influential campaigns. And it will be used more and more by influential people in all industries this year. Stories present a way to guarantee a certain authenticity. 

Thanks to its instant side, without filters but interactive with stickers, which is no longer the case with traditional themed network postings. Ephemerals, usually published in real time, can survive over time through “featured” stories. Published vertically, photo and video stories are less detailed but more appealing to users of social networks. 

This is a format that seems much more real, sometimes more fun. And it helps build a strong bond, trust with his community. 

The Choice Of Platforms Is Just As Important. 

Take the case of TickTock which has exceeded 1.5 billion downloads. Enough to thrill its main competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The app hits young people and brings together less than a million subscribers in the United States. In 2019, the app attracted brands and created the first launch challenge that was impressive and received thousands of Internet users. 

In recent months, it hasn’t been a week without sacrifice to ask a content creator to explore this new space. The key to success? To keep the user, be sure to use the music from the library as background music from the beginning to provide quality, color, content and interesting visuals. 

In 2020, major social networks will continue to evolve by introducing more and more new features. Once the ad arrives on the ticket, the native promotion of the partnership on Instagram, or stopping showing favorites … these social media updates will not stop there and will have an impact on influencer marketing. Note that the end of the likes show is not bad news and even creates an opportunity for brands and influencers. 

Far from the desired competition, Instagram actually wants to come back to sharing quality content. At the very bottom of the network lies the joy of sharing content, freeing influencers from a certain social pressure. 

This kind of news directly related to the activities of influential people should be closely monitored for consideration of impact marketing strategies. 

Influencer Marketing Can Deal With B2b Marketing Strategy!

While the impact of B2B in 2020 is not at the center of the discussion, we will discuss less than B2C. Yet these influencers are already present in the strategies of brands that target professionals. And they will gain more ground next year.

These are the new generation of opinion leaders who have the power to change their behavior and feelings about a brand, product, or service. They are recognized as experts by those around them and have a real impact on their credibility and their ecosystem.

They are journalists who are a huge writer, bloggers who regularly speak on their blogs. Also professionals who write on podcasts or on a site that speaks to ordinary users of social networks. In particular, Twitter and LinkedIn who comment on their professional activities have good experience in the field where B2B influencers position themselves.

Brands will work harder to achieve these goals by creating unique, authentic and compelling content specifically designed for them.

Virtual influencers present a strong trend and a new way of communicating with a young audience. They have already collaborated with the brand more than once this year, which could go well in 2020.

They go against all the advice given on social networks, are not real, do not humanize any brand and do not have the ability to create that human bond. Sometimes their posts are more engaged than other content creators but they are not as diligent as the real influencers.

To explain this, you need to understand that it costs money to create an image for a virtual influencer.

But virtual or celebrity influencers are trustworthy and they have a brand that transcends brand influence. By working with them, they realized that they could fit into the stories and tales told by their audience.


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